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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bahamas

2532 Entries Found: Page 16  of  94
A slow day at the office.
— Subal underwater housing, Canon 1Dx, Canon 8-15mm fisheye @ 15mm, f13, 1/160, ISO160, Inon Z240 strobes.
Four Beauties in B&W
Oly E-M1 with 7-14 and 2xKeldan 8x for Constant Lighting
Through the Canyons - Kingkong Blue Hole
Andros, The Bahamas
Canon G12 in Nauticam
Floating in Peace
Olympus E-M1 ; 7-14 @7mm
It's the moments in life that change us forever...
— Subal underwater housing, Canon 5Dmk2 Canon 8-15mm fisheye @ 15mm, f8, 1/250, ISO400, Manual white balance. No strobes
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2015

Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
Caribbean reef shark in the dapple light.
— Subal underwater housing, Canon 1Dx, Canon 8-15mm fisheye @ 15mm, f13, 1/200, ISO400, 2x Inon Z240 strobes.
Cheek to Cheek
Two Caribbean Reef Sharks.
Secretary Blenny with Olympus E-M1 60mm and CMC
A very small Triple Fin Blenny approx 6mm in length. Full Frame with Oly EM-1 using 60mm Macro and Nauticam CMC
Oceanic White Tip Shark and Surface Reflections
An oceanic white tip shark's dorsal fin breaks the surface near a boat in an split level shot at Cat Island in the Bahamas
Nothing like a closeup with a Tiger Shark. This image was taken during a recent trip to Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
The darkness of night brings on another side of peaceful reef and Lemon Sharks. Never a worry just a different look!
Let's see those teeth!
This big Tiger Shark is one of many that patrol Tiger Beach off West End Bahamas
Tiger Shark Nose
Perfect conditions and lots of sharks helped make a great dive at Shark Paradise off West End Bahamas
Eye of the Conch
Sneaky but but very active are the Lemon Sharks at night while diving at Tiger Beach
Car pooling or hitch hiking the Lemon Sharks and friends all have somewhere to be a Tiger Beach Bahamas
Catching a wave with Lemon Sharks at Tiger Beach Bahamas
This Reef Shark comes into meet me as I settle to the bottom paying no attention to the divers below the boat.
A diver gets an overhead view of the healthy reef system that surround the waters of the Bahamas.
A return to Tiger Beach with a warm welcome from a famous Tiger Shark Tarantino.
Smile for the camera / An unusual hammerhead with pigmented belly smiles in front of the camera. Canon 5DMIII, canon 8-15mm fisheye lens @15mm, Nauticam housing, Inon Z240 strobes x2, Zen 230 dome. iso 200, 1/250, f11
Sneaking around at Tiger Beach under a watchful eye
Wonder Struck - Secretary Blenny in Super Macro
2532 Entries Found: Page 16  of  94

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