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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

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The Birds! They must be extras for an Alfred Hitchcock movie. San Francisco Bay. Nikon D70.
Diver and Angelfish, Marathon Key, Florida. D70, 10.5 mm fisheye lens.
Dances with Jacks - Shot at 130ft vis was poor, dark green water, maybe 25 ft vis.Note Large spiegel grove wreck in Background. A school of Alamo Jacks, rare fish to thease parts.came to join us -
Here Comes Sammy!
Right after I settled onto the bottom at Seacrest Cove 2 this little harbor seal pup approached me as snapped his photo. He then wound up sticking his nose into my lens where that photo was blurry. =)
A nice little pair hanging out.
Octopuse palm beach.
Dolphins swimming next to our boat in Key Largo. Sea conditions were absolutely flat, sun at high noon, water clear, shot standing on the bow of my boat ( not shot at Sea World!) Nikon D200
My Beautiful Lady (pamela) posing on the Bow of the Spiegel Grove, Key Largo FL. Dark day, Natural light, nikonos 15mm 400 B&W film
Another shot from the Westside Oahu at Electric Beach (Kahe Point)
Dolphin cathing some air in the florida Keys.
Dolphins, chasing our boat, taken today, We were blessed by a pod of 12-15 on our way out to Dive the Duane wreck in Key Largo. It was Pamela's (my wife's) 100th dive. Shot with Nikon D 200
All in a Day's Work. Image of surf instructor at sunset, Waikiki Oahu, Hawaii.
Palm beach county.
delray ledge.
Seaweed on an Outlet. Photo taken in Waialua, HI.
Christmas tree worms on Flagler's Barge wreck. Marathon Key, Florida. D70, 20.5 mm fisheye lens, two strobes.
Hawaiian Falls. This photo was taken during an ATV tour in the mountains of Kauai.
Soooo mysterious....well, pretty sure he was thinkin that about my strobe firing off.
White mouth eel portrait
On the L-Tower in the Dry Tortugas.
Good fishing today! Nikon D200
eleghant seal mother wiyh newborn pup taken with nikon 80-200 zoom
PHOTOGRAPHERS NIGHTMARE!!!! Diver lookin so good, seriously entering a cave, this guy just had to be in the shot! I had to take this pic, too funny! Diver had no idea why i was taking so long to snap shot haha
An Osprey giving me a goofy look. They are renowned for their ability to hunt fish, hence the nickname of "fish hawk"
My Lady (Pamela) on the Bibb wreck - Photo taken in 133ft water 400 B&W film Nikonos 15mm natural light
double trouble! My 2 friends ascending to their safety stop at 15ft. Taken in West Palm beach after a fantastic day of diving!
Crusing the Bow of the Spiegel Grove - Shot At 90ft, Nikonos 15mm B&W 400 film natural light
Ginnie springs Fl where the water is as clear as swimming pool, took this shot from down inside one of the caverns while divers swam above.
7255 Entries Found: Page 251  of  269

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