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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South)

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WEARING SHINY ARMOUR THIS BARRACUDA PATROLS THE REEF! This image was taken 2003, during one of many dives while in Grand Bahamas. Taken with a DC200 and single single flash.
Yellow fin tuna crusing 50km out to sea of Cape Point, Cape Town. Freediving, natural light.
Just off West Caicos a Nassau grouper rests at a cleaning station
any one got a tissue?
I say old chap, have you seen my tophat?
which way to the fish shop?
Key Largo, Florida
Fluke, Southern Right whale at oeninsula valdes
Breaching southern right whale in patagonia, peninsular valdes
Key Largo, Florida
Canon SD500 + Inon UCL-165AD Macro lens
Flamingo Tongue
Key Largo, Florida (Snapper Ledge)
Canon SD500 + Inon UCL-165AD Macro lens
Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my close up. DC 500 in natural light at about 35 ft in Key Largo. This angel was a very curious when I was looking around this reef.
Hermit crab
Taken in a tide poll at Santa Catarina State, south Brazil.
Nikonos V, extension tube 1:1
Jellyfish, near Camp's Bay, Cape Town. Nikon D200, 28 mm lens, shooting down, natural light.
A freediver prepares to dive off Cape Town, with Lion's Head and Table Mountain in the background. Very flat sea, Nikon D200 with 28mm lens

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
good action shot
15 seconds into the launch of STS-115, headed out/up over the Atlantic. A truly awesome sight.
Trigger Trouble. Taken with an Olympus Evolt E-300.
Yellow line arrow crab hiding under coral head
Stingray eye.
Canon 300D, Sea&Sea Housing, YS90
Juvenile drum fish aboard the Spiegel Grove in Key Largo.
Flamingo Tongue on branch coral, Canon G1
Cleaner shrimp on anemone at Key Largo, Florida, 8/06. Taken with Canon A620 w/Ikelite DC50 strobe.
Nurse Shark Hunting
When nurse sharks hunt on sandy bottoms many other reef fish follow them to feed on uncovered preys.
Canon 300D, Sea&Sea Housing, two strobes
Sea Horse
Canon 300D, macro 50mm, Sea&sea Housing and YS90
Red dot
I spent some time waiting for the fish go to the right place.
Canon 300D, 17-40mm Two strobes (YS90 + Ikelite 50).
Diving above water!
A funny snapshot! How the weather changes quickly!
Canon Powershot A80 and housing
Nikonos V, Ikelite 50, Extension tube
766 Entries Found: Page 26  of  29

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