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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South)

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Hawksbill turtle at night.
Taken with Nikonos V, Ikelite SB50, 35mm, extension tube.
Spadefish. Taken with Olympus Evolt E-300.
Nudibranch on Coral. Taken with Nikonos V with extension tube on a night dive in the Bahamas.
Shrimp hunting Polychaetes. Taken with Nikonos V with macro extention on night dive in the Bahamas.
This is the Christ Statue, located in 25' of water, John Pennekamp State Park, Key Largo Fla. The statue has been there for years and is encrusted with corals and sea fans.
You know who...
Stegastes rocasensis.
This one is hard to photograph... It keeps moving all the time!
Canon 300d, 50mm, sea&sea housing, YS90
North Carolina Coast, Nikonos V, SB-105, 1:2.
Small Oyster Toadfish, taken on the wreck of the Indra off the North Carolina Coast. Nikonos V, SB-105, 1:2.
Gansbaai, South Africa. Oh, yes, it's another GREAT WHITE...
Gansbaai, South Africa. Oh, yes, it's a GREAT WHITE...
Sun coral
This coral is native from de Indo-Pacific and is an invasive species in the South Atlantic. Now it is commonly found off the Rio de Janeiro coast.
Canon eos 300d, sea&sea housing, 50mm
Neon Goby.
At Ilha Grande, South Brazil, the neon gobies, wich is a active cleaner species, usually wait is client fishes over black ascidians.
Scrawled Cowfish seen at Marathon Key June 2006. Taken with a Canon PowerShot SD 550 and SeaLife Strobe.
Olympus SP 350 with Ikelite housing and dual strobes-taken in Key Largo, July 2006
Hermit crab.
Photographed in a tide poll on South Brazil.
Nikonos V, extension tube 1:1, Ikelite sb 50
Cornet fish eyes (Fistularia tabacaria)
Taken at night with a Nikonos V and extension tube.
Shark Temple
When I saw this reef shark swimming away from me I thought “it is time to turn off the strobe and wait until a nice composition”. The beautiful rocky shore helped a lot.
Canon EOS 300D, 17-40mm, Sa&Sea housing
Masked Booby on sunset.
From "Ilha do Meio" at the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. A fantactic place full of marked booby nests.
Canon eos 300d, 17-40mm 550ex
Jack (Carangoides bartholomaei) following stingray (Dasyatis americana). A common foraging association which usually renders nice action scenes. EOS 300d, 17-40mm, two strobes.
I followed this small octopus for a wile and it changed its shape and colour many times. When it swans to the water column it turned in to this interesting shape!
My dive buddy, Zach and I were fortunate to watch this Sand Tiger shark come out of the shadows like a bad diver dream =)
Seaweed Blenny? Taken on the wreck of the Gill off the North Carolina Coast.
Dolphin , Patagonia - Puerto Piramides
My Southern Right Whale , last photo -seconds before his attack , Puerto Pirámides / Patagonia
Sea Elefant - Patagonia / Puerto Pirámides (National Protected Area)
766 Entries Found: Page 27  of  29

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