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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South)

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Taken off the coast of North Caroina on the wreck of the Hyde.
a day at the beach
Boynton beach fl.
Dinner time
What a smile!
The photo of this Chrinoid was taken in the Bahamas and I used my DC200 w/ digital strobes.The orange sponges and soft corals make the subject stand out.The photo was taken in 2003.
wreck the benwood key largo florida natural lite
shore dive at Habitat Curacao
"The Christ of the Deep Statue" Located in the Florida Keys/Pennekamp Park. This was taken with a MX10/35mm camera, no strobe or flash. The statue has been there so long that it is covered with various fans and fire coral. Photo was taken in 2002.
Orcas in Argentina have learned the tactic of beaching themselves in pursuit of sea lion pups. This shot was taken at Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Chomp! Chomp! mind you toes when taking this one Don...
Full close of another ermith crab. Macro 100+ TC2x e no cropping
This little guy just get a new house and was trying to take it back to his original position when I got it frozen in my CMOS sensor!! Full frame, no crop, Macro 100mm + TC 2x
Octopus feeding on a snail on a valley wall off of George Dog
Eye ball on a Ray
Arrow Crab, taken in Duck Key... just south of Key Largo, FL with internal flash and diffuser.
Spotted Eagle Cruisin in the shallow grass beds in Duck Key. I took this just wading in about 3 ft of water with no flash... I love the way the sun shines in through the water.
Scorpion Fish Face. This was taken in Key Largo straight away just a few feet from this dudes face with my HP R817 digital with housing and internal flash with diffuser.
Fin Initiation. Just neat to look at.
Kissing under the ocean. A couple of porcupine fish caught in the act! Taken in 60ft of water at 100ft distance with digital zoom. No wide angle. Turks & Caicos, at dive site called Eel Garden. Nice!
Cruising gracefully. Spotted eagle ray taken at French Cay in 65ft, at dive site called G-Spot. Taken from about 80ft distance with digital zoom, no wide angle. Gorgeous animal!
Full framed blenny inside brain coral hole, usind a Canon 20D with 100mm macro + TC 2x.
Florida Regal Sea Godess - Governor's Riverwalk Wreck in West Palm Beach, Florida. Taken @ 90ft w/ Olympus SP-350 w/ UK HID Light Cannon as light source.
Full framed blenny using supermacro tech, Canon20D with 100mm lens_TC2x
Details of an urchin, supermacro 2:1 using a Canon 20D + 100mm Macro + TC2x
Suoer macro tech applied in a Zoantid, Canon 20D, 100mm macro lenses + TC 2x.
Full frame shot of a Red Banner Blenny inside brain coral hole using a Canon 20D, Macro 100mm + Sigma 2x TC.
766 Entries Found: Page 28  of  29

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