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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South)

766 Entries Found: Page 11  of  29
~ Warp Speed ~
~ Hammerhead Crab ~
Spotted this decorated crab with a piece of orange sponge part of its decoration. The shape of which reminded me of the head of a hammerhead shark and a character in Pirates of the Caribbean smile
~ Come with Me ~
~ Natural Wonder ~
~ Lock-on ~
~ Green and Gold ~
~ Following My Shadow ~
~ Little Flame ~
~ Breath ~
~ Little Green Monster ~
~ Heavy Metal ~
~ Tin Tin ~
~ Two Worlds ~
~ The Stage is Set ~
~ Slowly but Surely ~
We benefits of marine reserves around Cape Town can be seen. Some kids of fishing is still allowed within these parks, which is not ideal, but great to see a return in fish numbers.
~ On Edge ~
~ Hey Whats Up There? ~
~ Making an Entrance ~
~ Look at Me ~
Recently started a portfolio, Eyes, while competing in a shoot-out and decided to expand this portfolio with creatures from my home waters.
~ Midnight ~
A Blue Shark pulls over a protective membrane over its eye as it comes in close...making for one very sleepy looking shark smile
~ Forest Dwellers ~
~ Mako Monday ~
I will happily take a blue Monday like this every week! Wishing you All a beautiful day!
~ My Little Space Under the Sun ~
~ Mysterious ~
~ No Explanation ~
I don't think any explanation is needed to say why I love Cape Town so much! wink
~ Baobab Forest ~
Recently dived a newly discovered reef in Cape Town. The reef was fairly flat in topography, but interestingly had many Noble corals growing on it. Normally these are found on reefs with much more topography in our waters,
~ Captain Mosaic ~
766 Entries Found: Page 11  of  29

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