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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South)

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Hamlets Mating in the Bahamas taken with an Olympus Evolt e-300.
This photo was taken while enjoying a shark feeding dive off Nassau w/ Stuart Coves.. I used my DC500 w/dual strobes and wide angle lens.
"Hooked but only for a moment" This Caribbean Reef Shark must of taken a bite out of the wrong fish. This photo was taken off Nassau, with my DC500 and I shut off one of my strobes using just 1 and a wide angle lens.
This Grey Angelfish followed me around the reef, so I periodically took photos of this friendly and maybe lonesome creature. This photo was taken off Nassau a few weeks ago.
"Lowrider" This Caribbean Reef Shark is flying low while on the hunt for a bit of food.This photo was taken off Nassau last month.
This shark was close! This photo was taken with my DC500, single strobe, and wide angle lens. The Caribbean Reef sharks are always interested and curious in another creature of their size.
This photo was taken in front of the bow of the Sea Viking a wreck which is sunk off Nassau. I used my DC500 w/ two strobes and a wide angle lens.
One of my favorite dives, The Sea Viking. I used my DC500 w/out my strobes and a wide angle lens. This photo was taken a week ago off Nassau, Bahamas.
This is a photo of a wreck called Twin Sisters in Nassau. The sun was out and clear water enables this shot without using my strobes. I used my DC500 and wide angle lens.
This photo of a Flamingo Tongue was taken at the Bond Wreck located off Nassau. There were Flamingo Tongues everywhere.
This photo of a Pederson Cleaner Shrimp was taken on the Bond Wreck off Nassau. I used my DC500, 2 strobes. They are small and sometimes hard to find.
This big creature might have an eye on me! This photo of a Caribbean Reef Shark was taken off Nassau last Saturday. No dive trip to the Bahamas would be complete without seeing sharks.
"Are you my brother?" These 2 Spotted Drums were flittering inside a porthole on the Willaurie off Nassau.This photo was taken last week while diving with Stuart Cove's.
This common cuttlefish was hovering motionless in the water and allowed me to get in very close. Camera set on macro I slowly inched closer to focus on the creatures eye. Taken with Canon Powershot A 710is housed in Canon WP-DC6 case.
Boynton Inlet, Boynton Beach, Florida
Canon 5d, Canon 16-35 F2.8L
humpback whale
Boynton Inlet, Boynton Beach, Florida
Canon 5d, Canon 16-35 F2.8L

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice long exposure Ruel
Ft Lauderdale. 27 feet deep.
"Sea Thimbles" During a safety stop while diving the Exumas, I photographed several small (approximately half inch) thimble jellies as they drifted by in the current.
group of snapper
Olympus 8080 wide angle, natural light
Ruby Brittle Star-
Riviera Beach, Florida
butterfly fish
Spider Crab hanging out at night.
Night dive at Escambrón. This little guy came right at us.
foto tirada na ilha rasa - RJ
Portrait of a Turtle
Key Largo, Florida
Riviera Beach, FL
766 Entries Found: Page 21  of  29

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