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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Pacific

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Taking a picture of me taking a picture of you taking a picture of….you get the picture.
Horn Shark - La Jolla, CA.
Tiny pygmy sea Horse in soft coral host taken with Nikon F100 and a 105 macro lens with a diotre
Arc-Eye Hawkfish hiding in some coral at Angler's Reef in Oahu, Hawaii. How his eye is squished against the coral trips me out. It looks like someone stuck a flashlight in his mouth and lit him up. Sony P100 w/ Inon macro
taken with nikon coolpix 5900
Hawaiian Green Turtle laying on top of Yo-257 shipwreck on southern shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Sony P100 w/ Epoque strobe.
Titan Scorpionfish. South Maui. Nikon D200, 105mm Macro, Light and Motion housing. This bad boy was hard to spot.
Yes, another Honu...Green Sea Turtle, west shore Oahu...shot yesterday morning.
Humpback Ballet. Taken while snorkelling with them in Rurutu, French Polynesia.
Halibut - La Jolla, CA.
Dwarf Eel. Kona, HI This eel is about the size of your pinky finger.
Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby sitting on coral. Night dive off Hawaii Kai about 30ft. Sony P100 w/ Epoque strobe and Inon closeup lense
What a tease.
Yellow moray eel.
Here is a great picture of a cool little fish in Cabo.
Puppy Dog Eyes... Los Coronados, Mexico.
Angel:Nikon 90x, 16mm , Two strobo,housing Igloo
Black Sea Nettle - La Jolla, CA.
Our beautiful Gorgona.
Camera S-70
crab in coral off hawaii kai, oahu
Dive Boat, Oahu, HI. All natural light.
Camera Canon S-70
Malpelo Island
Spotted eagly ray, Oahu, Hawaii. 80 foot depth, no strobe. Looks like a stealth fighter. D100, Light and Motion housing, 105mm lens.
Corsair ~ 120' crashed 1947. Ran out of gas...oops!
Spiny Lobster, La Jolla Cove, CA.
Octopus, Kona HI
A cool picture in B&W of some butterfly fish. It was taken off Cabo San Lucas
9556 Entries Found: Page 351  of  354

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