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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Andaman Sea

1555 Entries Found: Page 51  of  58
Cleaner shrimp taken at Hin Daeng/South Thailand with Fuji E900 + Close up lense
Nudi portrait taken at Similan Islands with a E900+ cu lenses
lovely sunset @Koh Chang/Thailand taken with Fuji E900
Nudi climbing taken with Fuji E900 & close up lenses
Menage a trois taken with Fuji E900 + Inon makro lenses
What an majestic animal...
Taken with Fuji E900 with fisheye at Koh Bon/Similan Islands
Nudibranch at Similan Islands 2007. Taken with Fuji E900 and close up lenses...
...this was funny, there were so much great objects to photograph that we didin`t reach the main dive site. Instead we stayed at this place for the whole dive..and two mantas came around smile
Fuji E900+fisheye
Photo of my lovely wife photographing a pair of Lionfish. Picture taken with Canon 20D in Ikelite housing with dual 125 strobes.
Mantadance@koh Bon, taken with a E900/Ikelite combo + fisheye
coming from the light....
taken at Koh Chang/Thailand with Fuji E900
Gobi@Similan Islands 2007 taken with E900+close up lenses
School of fusiliers blocking the sunlight, Andaman Sea
Ghostpipefish Portrait fullsize/uncropped taken at Ko Doc Mai/Thailand with Fuji E900+2x close up lenses
Gobi @ Similan islands taken with E900+macro lens
light and shadow. What a sunset show smile seems one world meet the other. taken whilest a divesafari on the westcoast of thailand with my E900 without any lenses.
I could take pictures of Clown Fish all day. This little guy was taken with a Canon 20D w/60 MM macro lens.
Porcellan crab @Richilieu Rock. Taken with a E900+macro lenses whilest a dive safari in Thailand.
Nudi on the wreck of the King Cruiser Wreck/Thailand. Taken with a E900 + CU lenses

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
mmm, yummy
"Mantadance" i shot@Koh Bon/Similan Islands. It`s not a great shot, but i like it! This Manta came even too close to this diver. It seems that she scared smile
Taken with Fuji E900+fisheye
Nudibranch, crowned and climbing hard to the top ...
Humphead Parrot fish
This turtle is always at the same place Similan Nr.8 bay smile Taken at Similan Islands with natural light with my Fuji E900 + Inon fisheye
Jeremy in cave
Baby Lionfish@Similan Islands 2007. Taken with Fuji E900+Inon macro lens...
The Crab...
Lots of patience, concentration and swiming against the current to get the shot... Andaman Sea
1555 Entries Found: Page 51  of  58

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