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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Red Sea

10969 Entries Found: Page 401  of  407
60mm macro.
Scorpionfish taken with Nikon Coolpix 4300 in Nabq Park, Sinai.
Nik D2x -
60mm macro obj,IGlOO housing and 1 strobe
Pod of dolphins cruising by our rip. They split just after we go into the water....
Closed anemone with clownfish, taken at Anemone city Ras Mohamed Park
Bedouin fisherman at the Maria Schroeder wreck, Nabq Park.
Cuttlefish´s eye
Yellow Box Fish. Nikon D70, 105 lens.
Crocodile fish taken with Olympus C60 and epoque strobe.
Oceanic Whitetip off Elphinstone Reef (Marsa Alam, Nov 2005)
With 20mm Nikon objective.
Blue Hole, sunlight into the deep
Grouper taken with Olympus C60
It was taken with 60mm macro objective.
Nik D2x - COMPOSING> longimanus,rays,hammer -
well, that´s the last one of this series
Cornet Fish. Seemed to like the camera housing as kept having a look at the lens!
Taken with Canon Powershot Pro with Ikelite housing.
Nik D2x-COMPOSING> turtle/batfisch - sorry - the last pic had the wrong text- should have been > COMPOSING> longimanus and 3 eaglerays
Ahh turtle! Fondy referred to as a meat pie!
Frogfish taken with Olympus Evolt 300 and FL20 strobe.
nik D2x - COMPOSING> batfish/turtle
These Golden Sweepers were seeking refuge in this wreck off the dive site Abu Galawa
Oceanic White Tip making his final approach for landing...
Nik D2x-squirrelfish
elphinstone-reef-nik D2x-divers heaven fleet
ghost. nikon D70s - 55mm macro - substrobes ds50 ikelite
This devil scorpionfish blended in pretty well amongst the corals and sponges. I have never seen one such a beautiful green either...
10969 Entries Found: Page 401  of  407

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