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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Simon Pickering

26 Entries Found
Great white makes a pass on the bait - Guadalupe Island
Silvertip at Silverado site Cocos Island - managed to get this shark to be comfortable with me and make several passes overhead
Close encounters of the Grey Reef kind - Sudan.
How close can you get to the sharks in Sudan ?
Grey reef shark cruising at Shaab Rumi.....
Holding hands - two nudis doin' the do! Lembeh Sept. 2006
Double trouble - anenome fish in Lembeh....
In the mood for love. Two nudis mating & laying eggs.
Do ya think I'm sexy ? Sexy shrimp, D70, 60mm, twin DS50s.
White crab on soft coral - Lembeh 2006 - D70, 60mm & twin DS50s
Hitchin' a turtle & remoras, Marsa Abu Dubab, Egypt.
Dennis the Dugong and his friends...doing what comes naturally...eating! D70, 14mm & single DS50.
Taking it easy in Lembeh..... Orange frogfish resting.
Lionfish portrait - Lembeh. D70, 105mm & twin DS50s.
Classic pygmy - what more can you say... D70, 105mm, twin DS50s.
Two saw-nosed shrimps - both with eggs - Lembeh 2006. D70, 60mm & twin DS50s
Taken by surprise! Coral goby looking a bit shocked in Lembeh! D70, 105mm & twin DS50s
Nembrotha - Lembeh 2006 - D70, 60mm, twin DS50s
Nice coloured commensal shrimp on crinoid - D70, 105mm, twin DS50s - taken Lembeh 2006.
Clownfish & anenome wide angle shot with boat on surface - taken on a deep south trip this year - D70, 14mm and single DS50.
Spider crab - Lembeh 2006 - D70, 105mm, twin DS50s.
Another one from KBR 2005 - Mantis Shrimp out of its nest carrying eggs - 18-70mm single DS50.
Snake eel with cleaner shrimp on nose - Lembeh 2005 - 18-70mm with single D50 strobe.
Frogfish faceoff - who ate my fish! Pair of hairy frogfish - Lembeh. Twin d50s with 60mm macro.
Tiny porcelain crab on green anenome taken with 105mm - another jem from my recent Lembeh trip.
Imperial shrimp living on a t-bar nudi - taken Lembeh Straight 2006
26 Entries Found

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