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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sulu and Sulawesi Seas

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Ok, I know, no more Pygmy's. But just had to share this one anyway.
D2x, 105mm, 2xtc

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We're only bored with the red ones Rand! We've always got room for shots of this quality, even if it is a well worked subject
Nudibranch :Nikon F90X, velvia 50,105 macro, Two strobo TTL. Lembhe 2004
Spot the Fish Bunaken Olympus C 4000
Orange Frogfish. Lembeh straights.
D2x 60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Keenly observed shot isolated with 'negative space'
Hairy Anenome crab Sulawesi Olympus 7070
King of the Salp.
Mandarin fish, a male waiting for his female
Found this little fish with his head out of the bottle, when I approached he hid inside. Managed to get the strobe to shine through the glass. Lembeh
Hypselodoris bullocki Nudibranche, taken in Mabul
Twin Pygmys Sulawesi Olympus 7070
Found this little Nudi hiding in a barrel sponge. Sulawesi
Pygmy Seahorse, isn't she beautiful!!
Pigmy Seahorse taken in Lembeh North Sulawesi Indonesia
Mouthful. Lizard Fish that managed to catch a puffer fish. Watched this for about 10 minutes then went off looking for something else only to be told by the guide after the dive that the puffer fish got away in the end.
Cuttlefish Eggs with babies inside. Very macro Olympus 7070
Transperant with eggs. Shot in Bunaken Marine park Olympus 4000 Epoque Strobe.
"Big Dog" Normally the last dive of the day was done at the Police Jetty at Sipadan Island. This Napolean Wrasse was very freindly and followed us throughout the dive getting a bubble massage as it swam above us.
"Into the Blue" At Staghorn Crest Sipadan Island all the turtles seemed to hug the reef wall. This one swam straight at me then overhead and continued out until it disappeared into open ocean.
Bangka Island Manado Sulawesi. Cuttlefish silhoutte.
Coral banded shrimp detail - Canon 10D. Stuck my hand out for a clean and took the shot whilst it sat there
The squid: Lankayan . Nikon D100 , 105 macro, Two manual strobo
Crab with beautiful blue eyes!(Using my new (Canon 20d) 60mm macro lens)
Just started taking macro shots this trip (60mm Canon 20d) ....this is some kind of shrimpy thing in between sea grapes!
Seastar with boat on Surface Bunaken Olympus 7070 with Wide angle and Inon D2000 Strobe.
Looking up the wall at the Tubbataha Reef. Hard not to have a shark on the picture..
The FLY! Ok, it's really a Banded shrimp. D2x 105mm 2xtc woody's diopter.
Reef Ghost, Was in a swift changing current at Barracuda Point Sipadan Island, guided myself in behind a bombie for some reprieve. I noticed some fire weed that was moving in a strange direction. Spotted these two Harlequin Ghost Pipe Fish.
3172 Entries Found: Page 115  of  118

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