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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The South China Sea

4030 Entries Found: Page 147  of  150
Called it SAWI nudi.Taken during my LOB trip to Tenggol Island.
Yes I‘m grumpy so what!!! Yeah this box crab seems to be having a bad day.
Two small starfish traveling on one big one.
Colony of blue sea squirts
If two clown fish are better than one, what about three???
This sea horse was trying to hide behind these feathery hydroids.
Jorunna funebris
Funky anemone for this male Bridled clown fish
Volva volva fiding on soft coral
Blue ringed octopus.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
very sharp image and worth a zoom!
Bridled clown fish having a face rub whith his all white host.
Mating sea hare. Picture taken with Olympus C-3040z and Inon macro lense.
I only noticed this shell because it was moving. From the top it looks very ordinary, but turn it over and you get this pretty flower.
Polyps are amazing creatures especialy when you look at them close-up.
One clown fish is good but two is better.
Both today's and yesterday's pictures are of the same familly but they don't look much alike here is a little harlequin shrimp,enjoy the picture as they very rarely seen probally due too ther size (~1cm)and their camouflage ability.
White sandy bottom and up/down pictures don't look too good, but
this little fellow (1.5 cm) was found, and the picture taken under those conditions. Apparently it is a very rare siting, it goes by the name of Royal Cerberilla
This shrimp wanted to clean my camera and just kept coming too close to be able to focus. Usually I have the opposite problem smile
Dolphines, for a long time this 2 dolphines were swimming infront of our diving boat
I did not know glasseye's were so red until I took the picture.
Tiny brittle star in a strong current, holding on to a feather coral with all its arms.
This Frog fish was only about 7 cm big and so well camouflaged I only saw it because it moved while I was taking a picture of a shrimp right next to it.
Underwater Brain! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80. by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
Underwater Brain! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80.
Closeup of a juvenile giant clam
Subic Bay, Ocean Adventure
4030 Entries Found: Page 147  of  150

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