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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Philippine Sea

7606 Entries Found: Page 281  of  282
'ON the WALL'. Ngemelis wall, Palau: Eastern Caroline Islands. Housed Nikon F: 24mm lens - natural light.
The Hauk.NikonD100, Lens:105 macro , Two strobo no TTL. Philippine 2005
Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?
Unidentified Subject. Palau. Poor dude looks as if he got pretty trashed last night. Fuji E900 with built-in flash only.
Nikon D100 , 105 macro, two strobo no-ttl. The Shell, Philippine , Moal Boal
Black and white. Philippine sea.Nikon d100, 105 macro,two strobo sea and sea 120YS
A wonderful sunset. I think it needs no more explanation...
macro clownfish canon eos 5 ikelite
Scorpion fish grazing. EOS10D 16-35mm lens. Sea&Sea Housing and strobes
say cheeze mr Fresh water turtle
canon 20D inbuilt flash and a most co-operative turtle
clownfish and anenomie
taken with canon 20d ikelite housing and strobes
Nudibranch. EOS 10D in SEA&SEA housing. 100mm lens
Drink Zesto Juice its good for you health.
Porcelain crab on anemone. EOS 10D in SEA & SEA housing. 100mm macro.
Mantis Shrimp. Canon EOS10D in Sea&Sea Nousing with strobes. 100mm Macro lens.
Thresher Shark taken in natural light so as not to scare them off. EOS 10D in SEA & SEA housing and strobes using 16-35mm lens.
Nudibranch on sponge. EOS 10D with Sea & Sea housing and strobes.
Close up of turtle. EOS 10D in Sea & Seas housing and strobes.
canon 20d
palm tree @ night
clownfish wondering "what are you"
ikelite housing and strobes canon eos 5
velvia slide film.
Commensural shrimp. Canon Eos 10D. Sea and Sea housing and strobe
Lizardfish Dive Site Mainit Anilao Batangas
....Waiting for food
Picture was taken in Cebu Island
Nikonos RS with 13 mm and 2 YS 300 strobes
tubeworm tentacles, like the abstract
appearance macro created with this shot.
canon eos 5 ikelite housing.
Cuttlefish taken in Phillipines. Taken with Canon EOS 10D with 16-35mm lens. Sea& Sea housing with strobe.
clown frogfish, malapascua island, cebu, philippines - olympus c350.
7606 Entries Found: Page 281  of  282

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