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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Mauritius

302 Entries Found: Page 8  of  12
Lion fish
Be careful!
Open Ocean Mauritius Canon 7d
Kingfish Mauritius Island Flic en Flac
Mauritius Soft Coral Table at Mon Choisy Mauritius
Mauritian Reef Balaclava 22 metres West Coast Mauritius
Jean-Yves Bignoux
Mauritius Soft Coral at Balaclava Northern Mauritius dive site at 14 meters ,Canon 7D Ikelite housing
Jean-Yves Bignoux Mauritius Photographer
The Maxy Dive 14 metres Mauritius Pointe Aux Piments
Reef at Mon Choisy Mauritius Coral growths at 20 metres Canon EOS 7D Ikelite housing twin stobes d2 160 half power
Mauritius Island Indian Ocean
Underwater Photography
Jean-Yves Bignoux
Mauritius Underwater Photography Coin De Mire 7 metres
Jean-Yves Bignoux Mauritius Island
Confiti Bay Mauritius 9metres
Silver Star Mauritius Wreck Dive,this is a great dive here in Mauritius,Natural light no flash .underwater photography in Mauritius island
Trou Aux Biches Mauritius ,Underwater Canyons ,at 15metres
The Stella Maru ,diver coming on to the wreck.Mauritus
Adult Hawkfish Freckeled Mauritius
Mauritius Hawkfish Mahebourg Mauritius Canon Eos 7D
Top deck with Cardinal fish Mauritius shipwreck Canon EOS 7D
Small Hermit Crab Mauritius
Alot of reef shots that week of diving ,about 6 dives on just shooting various reef formations in Balaclava ,close look at different types of corals soft and hard in Mauritius,balnaced light and strobe is important here .Jean-Yves Bignoux
Flat Island Dive Mauritius 7metres balanced light
Reef Mauritius ,Soft Corals Pointe Aux Piments Mauritius
Underwater Photography Mauritius
Azuma Maru shipwreck Black and white Photography ,mast of ship .Mauritius 32 metres
Monochrome Mauritius Underwater
Mauritian Shipwreck North West Coast Mauritius ,Jean-Yves Bignoux,Canon 7D
Tubeworm Mauritius ,Jean-Yves Bignoux,Pointe aux Piment
Mauritius Wreck Dive ,Artificial reef
Balaclava Mauritius at 7 metres Dslr Eos 7d Canon,Jean-Yves Bignoux f8 125 shuTter speed,ISO 160 - 1 EV, Twin strobes ttl and half power
Underwater Photographer Mauritius
302 Entries Found: Page 8  of  12

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