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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bulgaria

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The Kiss
Jasmine in the underwater garden
Deja Vu
The kiss
Impression in red
The nude Jasmine
White dreams
Canon 7D with Ikelite housing, Canon lens 10-22mm, a flash Ikelite.The image was taken in the most beautiful place for mi in Bulgaria- location Korabite, Sinemorec. Was autumn and the water was pretty cold.
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2014

Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging
The keys keeper
underwater reflections
diving fly
Jellyfish in the shallow
Underwater reflection
These plants - cistozira and algae - are typical for the shallow waters in the little bays of Sozopol
Green, green plants of my Black Sea
A slipping actinia at the shallow reef. In the night it opens his beautiful colored tentacles and turns in to a dangerous predator.
Ctenophora Beroe ovata - unrequested new inhabitant in Black Sea.It is a damaging visitor from the Aegean Sea.
Retrophotography, the 60th of the past century. Taken at the Tzarevo town coast.
Another cute fish.
A cute fish.
Shrimp infested waters.
Latin name-Rhizostoma pulmo.Housing Canon,Camera Canon G9.
Latin name- Partunus holsatus.Bulgarian name-Swimming crab.
Latin name-Callionymus pusillus.Bulgarian name-Striped sea mouse-female.
Latin name-Callionymus pusillus.Bulgarian name-Striped sea mouse-male.
Pegusa lascaris
Latin name-Scorpaena porcus.Night shot.
"Love is in the sea".Latin name- Partunus holsatus.Bulgarian name-Swimming crab.Canon G9,housing Canon,strobe Ikelite AF 35.
59 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3

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