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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Egypt

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Whilst searching for the dugong in Marsa Alam egypt, we came accross this huge green turtle feeding on the sea grass, with his remora buddy. This shot was taken with a 20mm wide angle so the turtle was inches away from the lens.
Tiger blenny taken at Ras Umm Sid with Olympus E300.
Anemone Fish and Red Anemone, Jackson Reef, Strait of Tiran, Egypt
This was my best use of negative space. I am too much of a dead center shooter...
Orangespotted trevally passing by.
Nik 5 20mm.
Gelbmaulmuräne - Yellowmouth moray
(Gymnothorax nudivomer)
Orange striped triggerfish i used an olympus c60
Blue spotted ray taken in Sharksbay with Olympus E300,
Anemone Fish in a Red Anemone, Jackson Reef, Strait of Tiran
An old car tyre, or a black sponge?.
Malabar grouper standing on his fins - this species of grouper is quite rare in the Red sea.
My buddy hovering by the reef, taken at Yolanda reef, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus E300.
"Home sweet home"
Tiny fish fry. 105mm.
Happy Moray at Marsa Alam...
Lionfish taken with an olympus c60
Orange striped triggerfish taken at Sharksbay with Olympus E300.
Nik 5 with 1.2 extension tube.
Remember them Benny.
Image of Aida on big brother, Red Sea. Nikon D70s etc....One of the first dives using 12-24mm - diodnt find using this lens easy afeter using macro 60mm - I just need to spend more time in the Red Sea using it ....
Barracuda everywhere... Shark Reef, Ras Mohamed Park taken with Olympus E300.
Red sea diving
Nikki taking a shot of sriped butterflyfish. Sharksbay Sharm el Sheikh with an Olympus C60.
Striped butterfly taken at Sharksbay with Olympus E300.
Taken at The Canyon Dive Site, Dahab on a single reef outcrop of an Orange Mouth Moray about 6 inches long with a Fuji F11 Auto Macro Setting
Had great trip on Hurrican in the Red Sea,last month - this a shot from little brother - I use a D70s, sea and sea housing with 12-24mmm lens. Hope you like it....
Taken at Yolanda reef, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus E300.
Star Burst
9865 Entries Found: Page 351  of  366

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