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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Malaysia

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Taken at Mantabuan Island, East Malaysia
Schoal of Bump Head Parrotfish, taken whilst snorkelling at Sipadan
Taken at Mabul Island, East Malaysia
Taken at Sipadan Island, East Malaysia
Young Green Tutle at Sipadan
a couple of anemone fishes in their home anemone, off Sipadan
Taken with Sony DSC F828, in Ikelite housing
Taken at Mantabuan Island, East Malaysia
If you get out of bed by 5 a.m., that's what you get around Sipadan!
It was not easy to fight the current to take the shot smile
Taken at Sipadan Island, East Malaysia
Hairy Frogfish. MABUL Island
Reef Ghost, Was in a swift changing current at Barracuda Point Sipadan Island, guided myself in behind a bombie for some reprieve. I noticed some fire weed that was moving in a strange direction. Spotted these two Harlequin Ghost Pipe Fish.
Banded pipefish on a night dive in Mabul
Safety Stop, Sipadan Island, First Dive and the visibility was 40+ mtrs. These two big "Jacks" swam in for a closer inspection.
A pair of BOXER CRAB. D70,105mm.
"Royal Nudi", Mabul Island May 06, Spotted bright pink thing in the middle of rubble bed at 5mtr, Used Olympus C5050/D180 Strobe.
A Grand Farewell from the staff at Sipadan Water Village
...wakey wakey...(Sipadan Island, East Malaysia)
Caught napping.....(Sipadan Island, East Malaysia)
Tiger cowry on a night dive!
Seahorse. 105mm,D70. Kapalai,Sabah
this beautiful nudibranch lives just off Mabul island, Malaysia
Taken at Mantabuan Island, East Malaysia
Ragged fin Lionfish on a night dive in Mabul
big froggie, sitting motionlessly under the Seadventure platform off Mabul.
Taken at Mataking Island, East Malaysia
Heads Up! Incoming Barracudas from Sipadan.
2958 Entries Found: Page 105  of  110

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