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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

198 Entries Found: Page 6  of  8
Portuguese Man of War with Man of War Fish, Castle Bay, St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Hotel Guests Only - Palm Island, the Grenadines, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Christmas Tree Worms - Seasons Greetings!
Queen Conch, Critter Corner, St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Bristle worm abstract, Petit Byahaut, St. Vincent
Secretary Blennie, Pigeon Island, ST. Vincent and the Grenadines
Snake eel, laying in wait, St. Vincent
This octopus was being pecked at by a large Coney (Cephalopholis fulva). So I guess he didn't want the octopus in his area. ...¸> <((((º> ...Canon G7
"Ver à ecaille" (phylum polynoidae),no more information about this spices.If you have any information on this worm,i'm open.Picture from Tobago cays (grenadines)
I shot this with a Nikon D300 in a Sea & Sea housing, 60mm Marco lens, Dual strobes and on a breath hold.
Bequia at sundown...
Wallabou, the "Pirates of the Cribbean shot from my boat in Wallabou Bay.
Juvenile spotted eel playing hide and seek.
Taken while free-diving on the west coast of St Vincent.
Olympus C7070 and internal flash
Feather duster. Taken free-diving with an Olympus 7070 and Inon Z240.
Just for the fun of it... young guys showing off to the girls in the sunset!
It's a big one!
Frogfish with his lure out. Taken with an Olympus 7070 and internal strobe while freediving on the west coast of St Vincent
St. Vincent, sunset, fisherman
Black Spotted Eel, St. Vincent, Critter Corner
St. Vincent Frog Fish
Long lure frog fishes
Long Lure Frog Fish
Trunkfish stalking me in Tobago Cays, just begging to have its picture taken.
Taken while free-diving with an Olympus 7070 and Inon Z240.
St. Vincent shrimp peppermint caribbean indigo dive
Butterfly Fish Free Swimming, St. Vincent
Trunk fish, free swimming, St. Vincent
198 Entries Found: Page 6  of  8

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