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by Marc Van Den Broeck

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

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Roonies Sodwana 100m
Raggie at quartermile
Tiger shark near the surface, South Africa. Sony Cybershot P150, no strobe.
Canon 20 D 100mm Lens Sodwana bay
350D and 60mm lens at Sodwana
Hawk Moray: Roonies Reef at 30m Sodwana. Hawkfish with moray as background
bass and diver come face to face- who is more interested? taken Sodwana RSA with D200 and 10.5 fisheye
Relaxed Puffer
snorkeller interacting with magnificent feeding whale shark and golden kingfish Feb 2007
'Its a Nudi' Photo taken with Canon Powershot S200.Natural Lighting, no flash. Picture at Inside Edge-Aliwal Shoal
STD settings, no strobe or flash.
Sodwana Bay in Kwa-Zulu Natal, December 2006 STD settings no flash at all.
Yellow fin tuna crusing 50km out to sea of Cape Point, Cape Town. Freediving, natural light.
chokka/squid laying her eggs
Turtle in the mix.
squid mating and cavorting on the annual "chokka run" off the east coast of southern africa in St Francis Bay. taken nikon F100 with 16 mm fisheye
View from the cage. F50, 20mm.
two male loggerhead turtles met and did NOT like each other. no they are not mating!
Come and get it...
F50, 20mm.
Shark alley.F50,20mm.
the underbelly of beauty and power, a bull shark with remoras in south africa
a bull shark patrols- beauty in motion. taken in Umkomaas just south of Durban, South Africa
shadows of lion fish on a wall - something a bit more abstract.
Unicorn fish taken during Shark Bonanza using direct flash and colour corrected in adobe photoshop
fun with dolphins

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Divers interacting with marine life. Always a great subject.
Pink Paper Fish taken on Reef at Sodwana Bay with Olympus camera.
bass and video camera take each other in- sodwana bay OCtober 2006. D200 with 10.5 fisheye f.2.8 lens

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We've seen this before but remember a non-diver hasn't and would be well impressed by it
2901 Entries Found: Page 104  of  108

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