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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2909 Entries Found: Page 106  of  108
Dolphins moving along the South African coastline on the annual Sardine Run, under the smoke from a fire on shore giving weird lighting effects
fresh water base.
Despite that fact that this photo breaks every rule of photogarphic composition, the fluidity and flexibility of these blacktips is unusually evident. Clealry cartilage rules when you wanna turn in a hurry!
Just before the sardine run we came across this pack of around 40 female blacktip sharks, streamlined fighterplanes of the deep blue, an ocean full of entropy.
goby / f100 and 105mm.
another one of favourite friends , the gorgeous Tiger who branched away just at the last moment- what a thrill
again one of my favourite sharks- but this time a zambezi- so powerful and at ease in the water,poetry in motion
Police diver searching for body in lake in Johannesburg. Taken with D100 in sea and sea housing and 2 90 strobes
some more colours on the beach in moz. this is a panoramic so not sure if it will work on this site. hope so. Ignore if not panoramic!!
Manta ray getting cleaned at Manta reef Guinjata Bay central Mozambique on 2005
shallow reef.
still with divers and Tigers. Just love them
From the deep...a little dark but I still like it. Tiger came up from the deep and moved passed me within inches unfortunately my strobes had not fully charged so no light. I'll get her next time ;-)
freshwater bass
d70+10.5 and filter
Action above....Black tip and diver on Aliwal
freshwater catfish ,d70 and 12-24mm
clown fish,f100 and single strobe
Manta at Sodwana Bay on a late afternoon dive
freswhwater ,tadpoles,f100 , 105 and 2x.
red bed , f100 in sea and sea housing.
Coming in to take a closer look. Black tip taken at Aliwal shoal while doing the Tiger Shark dive.
Going Up!! Manta taken at Sodwana Bay, South Africa.
ambushed ,f100 and 105 in sea and sea housing
Tiger shark approaching cameraman. oops.
Great white cruising by. 20mm.
Tigers and balck tips in green water. awesome effects
black tips all over the place in RSA
2909 Entries Found: Page 106  of  108

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