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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2897 Entries Found: Page 21  of  108
Tiny and curious klipfish poses in my snoot light.
see the sun..... big Mola Mola.....
The integrate fine network of the feeding arms of a sea cucumber
Black Nudibranch
humpback whale
Relaxed Cape Fur Seal
You think sharks are dangerous!!!!...try Cape Fur Seals....
Harlequin shrimp using its needle like claws to ingest digestive enzymes in its sea star prey
Oceanic Blacktip cruising quietly past as the sun sets on a beautiful calm ocean - another end to an amazing day out on the ocean with these awesome animals!
"Escape...for now"
This image somehow intrigues me and I keep on going back to it, starring at it. It does not make sense, in terms of "rules" breaks most of them, but still draws me in, I find a strange fascination when staring at it........
~ Itchy Eye ~
~ By Candle Light ~
~ Rainbow Nation ~
~ All My Children ~
Space-time gate
"In the Eye of the Beholder”
Always been intrigued by the Canon EF 8–15mm on a full frame, but the idea of incorporating a circle into your image with black surrounds and making it work, gets tricky....I think I got this one right!
"Sunset Strip"
It has been a while.......
Broadnose sevengill shark, False bay, South Africa.
Klipfish, False bay, South Africa.
"Close encounter", Blue shark, Western cape, South Africa.
Ghostly Apparition
Ghost Nudibranch at Blousteen Dive site in Gordon's Bay - False Bay
~ Illusion ~
Effect was done at moment of capture
~ Altar ~
Inkspot nudibranch at Blousteen dive site in Gordon's Bay, eastern coast of False Bay - South Africa
Oceanic Blacktip Shark
Blue shark, off coast, South Africa.
2897 Entries Found: Page 21  of  108

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