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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Honduras

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Roatan, Honduras.
Black grouper in a cleaninng station
"Weightless and Floating" this photo was taken in Roatan. No Strobes just a DC500 setup w/ wide angle lense.
Roatan feathers. Fuji F810.
This must the be the fish they used for the Rainbow fish book! Stoplight Parrot Fish - Utila, Bay Islands
Roatan, Bay Islands.
Having forgot to charge the strobe wasn't as bad as first thought...
Roatan grouper. Fuji F810, YS-90DX.
Are you looking at me? Spotted trunkfish - Utila, Bay Islands
A regular visitor to a commonly dived site. Late afternoon sun alays gives the water a green tint which I wanted for the shot. Finaly got to do the dive without being responsible for other divers
Brittlestar. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, YS-90DX.
Silent Silhouette - Roatan, Bay Islands
Anemone - Utila, Bay Islands. I love the way this picture turned out. It almost looks computer generated...but it's not smile
"Cara a Cara", Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, ambient light.
These are the color tips of a Giant Anemone
Spotted eel - Roatan, Bay Islands. Taken with an Olympus C-770
brooding Yellow Head Jawfish
Banded Coral Shrimp in Azure Sponge. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, S&S YS-90DX.
Foureye Butterfly Fish. Roatan, Honduras Olympus C-770
Another look at The Mr. Bud. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, Inon WA, ambient light.
From Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810.
We swam with this big guy for almost an hour. He brushed up against me several times. It is believed he was hit by the ferry boat. You can see the scars on his back and a tear in the dorsal fin...Photo was taken with no strobe, Olympus 4040
Fire Bristleworm - Roatan, Honduras. Taken with an Olympus C-770.
Moray with gobies and a strawberry tunicate. From Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, S&S YS-90DX.
The Mr. Bud. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, Inon WAL, ambient light.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
An interesting and intact small wreck Jennifer
This reef octopus was very playful and decided to shaked my hand when we met...
"A neighborhood of Feather Dusters". These Feather Dusters have made their home on the bow of the Prince Albert directly off the Gazebo at Fantasy Island in the Bay Islands. Photo was taken w/ my DC500 and no strobes.
1188 Entries Found: Page 41  of  44

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