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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Mexico

4870 Entries Found: Page 171  of  181
Butterfly fish framed by the Salvatierra shipwreck near La Paz, sea of Cortéz, México.
School of jacks at Las Animas island, Sea of Cortéz, México.
Almost a fantasy, small silver doller size jellyfish as far as the eye could see. Nilonos V 28mm lense
Beatiful sunset after a beatiful diving day. Cerralvo island, Sea of Cortéz, México.
"If I had wings". Guess you don't need them if you have flippers!
Sea of Cortez. Dive site: Los Islotes.
D2x 10.5mm Magic filter
'FLY BY' Sea lions at play. Sea of Cortez; natural light. Enjoy!
Pilot Whales near Las Animas island in the Sea of Cortéz, México.
School of Harengula thrissina and orange cup coral, two of the most common species in the sea of Cortéz.
Spawning Sponge. On our last dive day in Cozomel the sponges decided to spawn, this was the first morning dive and by 11 am you couldn't see 3 feet.
Nikonos V 28mm lense
Black & White manta in San Benedicto island, México.
Strong and majestic. A great white off of Isla de Guadelupe
Great white. 20mm lense
Sea lion playing with a diver fin, at Los Islotes, Sea of Cortéz, México.
'GRAY LADY DOWN' One of the 'classic' Caribbean reef dwellers - Gray Angel. Cozumel. Enjoy!
Great white shark with a tag on, if you recognize the tag, contact me, this was on Guadalupe island.
Pyrosoma atlanticum. Colony of zooids, tightly packed individuals embedded in a tough, rigid tube, closed and slightly tapered at one end. Each zooid about 8.5 mm, this colony lenght was about 60 cms. Olympus C8080
Cozumel where the water is so blue and clear. No flash nothing but the light of day!
Old One Eyed Green Moray
Lizard Triplefin, Sea of Cortez
Manta at El Boiler, San Benedicto island, México. Olympus c8080
Sink To My Level
Cortez Sting Ray in the sand
Manta and a diver at El Boiler, San Benedicto island, México.
Sea Turtle and Hitchhikers
Gossiping Balloonfishes in La Paz (Sea of Cortez). Taken 10/2006 with Olympus C5050 and Ikelite DS-125 strobe.
Goliath Grouper hiding under a ledge
Nikonos V 28mm lense
Happy looking balloonfish. Very common in the Sea of Cortez.
Glossodoris Sedna Nudibranch x 2
Sometimes called the Sea Goddess's Tounge
4870 Entries Found: Page 171  of  181

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