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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bermuda

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Parrotfish feeding in Tobacco Bay near shore in crystal clear water. Image taken from above.
An adult Stoplight Parrot in Tobacco Bay, Bermuda
Butterfly taken in Bermuda with Olympus TG-4
Sand Diver close to shore in Bermuda. Taken with Olympus TG-4.
Four spot Butterfly close to shore in Bermuda. Taken with Olympus TG-4
Four Spot Butterfty and Puple Sea Fan taken with Olympus TG-4 in Bermuda.
Image of a juvenile Blue Tang taken with Olympus TG-4 in Bermuda
A school of red-eared herring in Shelly Bay, Bermuda in 2-ft deep water. Taken with a SeaLife DC2000 without a flash.
Bottles on the ship wreck Constellation.....
Moon Light ....
Scooter on the bottom, covered with sand and fish
žralok citronovy
Brain coral and other varieties of coral and several varieties of fish. This shot was taken through the bottom of a glass-bottomed boat.
This photo is of a sargeant major fish (the one with the stripes on his back) and two blue parrotfish (of the family Scaridae). Thed blue colour indicates that theyare male but from here it cannot be determined whether or not they are supermales.
This fish is known as the Sargeant Major (Abudufduf Saratallis) because of the stripes on his back. He lives on the reefs in mid-water, frequently in groups, and will often accompany you as you go diving.
Corals throough the Bottom of a Glass-Bottomed Boat.
This image is of brain coral and other corals taken through the bottom of a glass bottomed boat. The railings of the boat are the black portions of the photo.
Orange Coral (Fire Coral) and Fish
Beautiful sea glass beach in Bermuda. Sea glass, also called mermaid's tears, is broken ceramics (bottles, plates, etc.) that have scoured along the bottom of the sea for years before landing on a beach.
butterfly fish
Just the one dive at the end of he season very difficult to find a dive operator open at the beginning of December
hiding octopus
Tiny Squid
My son "Wolfi" freediving in Sargasso seaweed
The prop shaft on the wreck of the Kate, a steamer that sunk in 1878.
Wrasse, Bermuca, Nikon D70, 12 -24 mm lens.
Constellation wreck, Bermuda. Nikon D70, 12-24 mm lens.
72 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3

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