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by Margriet Tilstra

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tyrrhenian Sea

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She u/w videgrapher filming little fishes
Portrait of Blennius gattorugine
My son skindiving.
Portrait of a Gobius redmouth
Some broken buoys on seabed.
A little jellyfish
The skindiver is watching a red fishstar
A strange seaweed Utriculum
Halocynthia papillosa, a common tunicate in Mediterranean sea, shootted in apnea skindiving.
The divers are near a very big gorgonian Paramuricaea chamaleon
A jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) without his tentacles maybe eated by a turtle....
The diver is lighting the starfish that is ligting by a slave.
Divers during decompression stop.
The crab Percnon gibbesi; an alien critter come in Mediterranean sea from caraibic area.
My son wakebording in Mondello, Italy

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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a super topside action shot
A little Hermit crab in apnea skindiving. Mondello, Sicily Sud Tyrrenian sea.
It is NOT Photoshopped but it is a creative photo. It is done with colored strobes light abou at 1o m. deep in Tyrrenian sea Capraia island.
Blennius gattorugine. photographed in apnea skindiving
Blennius gattorugine. Photographed in apnnea skindiving.
A scool of Diplodus sargus. Photographed in apnnea skindiving
A small universe of life, a jellyfish "Cassiopeia" surrounded by many fellow travelers. Are small species of jacks.
Fantasmagoric colors of bicolors Gorgonian (paramuricea clavata. Taken with Nikon D60 with Nikkor 18-55VR in Easydive Leo housing. Two strobes: Nikon Sb-105 and Sea&Sea Ys300.
The golden goby gobies is beautiful is not easy to photograph.
Abstract colors from Sardinia (Tavolara Park).
A sponge, Axinella Polypoides, Tavolara Park, Sardinia
Hello?! is there anybody out there? sony w-330 YS-17 sea and sea strobe.
2401 Entries Found: Page 81  of  89

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