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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands

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Taken in the Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands.
Perch and tench in the 'Boomgaardplas' in the Nederlands. The water is a little bit milky, but that are the circumstances in my country.
A small snail in a fresh water lake in the Netherlands. The picture is taken with a snoot and also a waterplant catched light.
Fishportret taken in the 'Grevelingenmeer' in the Netherlands.
Freshwater jellyfish in Boschmolenplaas
Freshwater Lake Boschmolenplaas
Small fish in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands.
Sea squirt taken in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. You see a lot in these waters here.
Fish portret of a small fish in the Grevelingen in the Netherlands.
Taken in 'Zeeland' in the Netherlands.
Small fish in the green waters of the Netherlands.
Taken in one of the lakes in the Netherlands. The flowers are really beautifull in summer. Most are white, but some are pink.
Bonaire: Spinyhead Blenny captured with Olympus TG-6
Mussels on a pier under water in the Netherlands.
A crab on seaweed in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. The green waters hide a lot of nice sealife.
Mating tench. The nice fish with the orange eye. Normally extremely shy. But when mating you can see them when you are lucky. I used a rebreather to take this picture.
Small colorful anemone in the Netherlands. Taken with a snoot.
A nice gudgeon portret. Taken in the biggest salt water lake of the Netherlands, 'de Grevelingen'.
A very special picture of red-eyed damselflies under water. This couple is putting their eggs underwater. The silver color is due to small air bubbles to 'breathe' under water.
Hippocampus hippocampus (short-snouted seahorse). The vis... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
Hippocampus hippocampus (short-snouted seahorse). The visibility in the estuary of the river Scheldt ranges from 0 to max. 6 meters. Finding beautiful creatures like this makes it rewarding. (f/8, 1/80, ISO-250, 50mm). - Erik
The toad migration in the Netherlands. This phenomena only lasts a few days. The toads are looking for a place to drop their eggs.
Fresh water nudibranch in the Netherlands. Not as colorfull as in salt water in the tropics, but even a very beautifull creature.
This small heremitecrab has really nice eyes. Taken with use of a snoot.
Eye of a brown frog that tries to stay under water during the wintercold. You can see the third eyelid of the eye.
Larvea of a brown frog. the small 'fishes' have really nice mouths, they are really cute.
Larvae of a dragonfly. Almost nobody knows that dragonflies live most of their lives under water. People only know them as the animals with wings. But they live a few years under water before their last stadium in their lives.
In 1 lake I dive quite a lot in winter, there are frogs found under water. I really like that. The frogs are found at 16-20m depth. And the special thing is that you can see that the waterpressure makes the frogs flat. But they are still alive.
915 Entries Found: Page 1  of  34

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