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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Red Sea

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Marsa Alam, Nov 2005
Clown fish in 2m of water, 105mm with twin flash guns.
Triggerfish on a wreck
Before night diving. Long exposure and strobe. In the background are Dahab's lights.
This clownfish was coming out to greet me as I ventured to close to his Bubble Anemone
The divemaster managed to spot this Spanish Dancer swimming around. In my ignorance of not knowing what it was, I didn't start shooting til it almost left since I thought it was a prank...
I have taken the photo on a divetrip by natural light.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
wierd color shift above?? Nice shot with interest above and below though Gyula
This is a closeup of the bluespotted stingray. I liked the psychedelic nature of the blue spots...
Shot with Nikon D100 in a Light and Motion house. 12-24 Nikor lens.
Red Sea, Lionfish
Bannerfish generally cover the reef with their mates, so waiting for them to something cute is the key.
Crocodile Fish
Uncle Bob
Lion Fish from the red sea.
Father & Son
Blue Spotted Stingray taken at Stingray Station with a Canon A40 Powershot with strobe.
Nice pair of long nosed hawkfish on a ledge
Just another Clownfish!
Cannon A20+Epoque flash
Anemone Fish
View through the Bowsprit mounting hole on the wreck of the Carnatic. EOS350.
Crocodile Fish on the deck of Thisslgorm
This is the pier from before, except viewed from the Lighthouse. I thought it an interesting way to frame the shot =)
This is the pier jutting out over Daedalus Reef. The reef rises to within 10 feet of the surface and drops to several hundred feet below. Very inviting indeed =)
Swim with me
Gray morray eel
Oceanic White Tip swimming right at me
at Elphinstone Reef.
10939 Entries Found: Page 401  of  406

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