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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Japan

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"Juvenile Cuttlefish" This little guy was less than 10 inches long! Photo taken on a dive in Sagami Bay off Hayama, Japan on March 23, 2008. Canon A630, Ikelite Housing, Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
No this isn't the tropics...This shot was taken on a dive in Sagami Bay off of Hayama, Japan on 23 March 2008. Water temp was 60F. Up from the mid-50's only a couple of weeks ago. Note the kelp in the background. Canon A630/Ikelite Housing/DS125
"Squirrelfish" Photo taken on 2 February 2008 during a dive in Suruga Bay off Ita Beach on the west coast of the Izu Pennisula. Canon A630/set on Manual/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
"Bulb Tentacle Anemone" Photo taken 17 February 2008 during dive in Yokosuka Bay, off the Miura Pennisula coast. YES it was COLD :-) Water was 47F! Thank God for drysuits! ;-) Canon A630/set on Manual/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe/w/Manual Controller.
"Hinge-beak Prawns" Very hard to get a shot as they were hiding in the rocks and would move away from my light as I tried to frame them. Photo taken 2 Feb 2008 during a dive in Suruga Bay off Ita Beach on the Izu Pennisula. Canon A630 set on Macro.
first underwater digital photo
I believe this must be some type of juvenile scorpionfish. Note the protruberances over the eyes. Couldn't find it in any of my books. Found him hiding under this tree coral during a dive off Ita Beach on the Izu Pennisula on 2 February 2008.
Looking across Sagami Bay at Mount Fuji. Photo taken on 6 January 2008 after completing a dive at Hayama, Japan. It was a beautiful sunny day. Air temp was in upper 60's... water temp was mid 50's. Definitely nice to be diving in a dry suit!
"I may be small, but..." A juvenile lionfish warns my buddy not to get to close while he kneels on the bottom maneuvering for a shot. Taken on 27 November 2007 on a dive at Hayama, Japan. Canon A630/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
"Up Close and Personal" Moray Eel photographed off Ita Beach, Izu Pennisula, Japan on 29 September 2007. At the time this was one of the largest Moray's I had ever seen (I've since seen bigger). Canon A630 set on Macro/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125
You could barely make out this Ragged Scorpionfish from above but he can be clearly seen here from the side. Photo taken on a dive off the shore of the Izu Pennisula in Japan on 29 September 2007. Canon A630/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
Hermit Crab taken while diving an off-shore reef at Hayama, Japan. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite housing and an Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
"Neon Damsel" This shot was taken October 14, 2007 at 9:04 AM, during a dive off Hayama, Japan which is located on the Miura Pennisula and the coast of Sagami Bay. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite Housing with an Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
Cardinalfish hiding under Tree Coral. This photo was taken on 29 September 2007 while diving in Suruga Bay off Ita Beach on the west coast of the Izu Pennisula in Japan. Canon A630/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe w/Manual Controller.
~Smile~ You Are On Candid Camera! Takifugu niphobles or its common names Grass Puffer putting out its head from the sand, patiently waiting for its prey. It looks lovely though. Taken with Olympus C4040 with Sea & Sea auto 90 strobe in Japan.
Bubble sea anemone, Entacmaea quadricolour, on a japanese coral reef(Okinawa. Olympus 5060.
The whalesharks at Churaumi Public Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan are being feed each day at 3:00 PM. Then it is possible to get this kind of image of them. Canon EOS 5D.
Fred, Bob and Mary - Amphiprion ocellaris in Stichodactyla gigantea. Olympus 5060.
this little guy was only about 2" long, but could still deliver quite a sting...
Taken in the Kerama's Island Chain in a location called three rocks. There were several stone fish using coral heads...this one was only about 2 inches long and I finally found a hole through the coral head to get a good shot.
My dive buddy Tami swimming past a huge fan on the deep drop off at Ie Island near Okinawa. This north side of Ie Island offers some of the best diving in Japan!
This is what I call postcard pic. no touch ups added. He wasn't camera shy to say the least.
Lizard Fish a little intimidating from this angle? taken at Maeda Point.
Where's the stone fish? Can u find him?
Lion Fish at 20ft!Maeda Point Okinawa, Japan.
Taken at Maeda Point at 15ft Okinawa,Japan
I took this photo last Sunday at Ie Island at about 100 feet. It is good to finally see some healthy, live coral in Okinawa!!
252 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10

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