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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bali Sea

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"Lanky Legs" Diving Seraya at Tulamben went down a bit deeper found a patch of feather stars and out walked this unusual shrimp with very long blue legs. Its head had two large sugar scoop type appendages. very unusual.
Sunset in Bali
I caught this moment by chance in tulamban (Bali). digital camera helps me a lot. as u know , under the water is always out of film when something happen.
a pair of beautiful fish in bali. I was use my new digital camera canon 350D. for me it is more relax to shoot by using digital camera.
steve so
The Twins! Taken In Tulamben With Canon S80. by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
The Twins! Taken In Tulamben With Canon S80.
Open Wide Coral Cod and cleaner shrimp. Bali Olympus 7070.
I took this picture in bali, tulamban, one of my favourite place for diving in the world. my buddy carol find this 1 inch long cling fish among featherstar.
OH YEAH......Thats it ...just there OH YEAH.... Seraya Tulamben BALI Olympus 7070
Threesome! Taken In Tulamben With Canon S80. by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
Threesome! Taken In Tulamben With Canon S80.
"On the Vine" Large hanging soft coral on the USAT Liberty Tulamben. Lots of hidden little suprises, Anthias, Crabs, Cooral Cod. A real spectacle of colour.
Double trouble ..... twin Harlequin Shrimp Bali Olympus 7070
Oh My what big teeth you have Morey Bali Olympus 7070
Wierd ..... The MOLA MOLA Nusa Penida BALI Olympus 7070 Inon WAL & Dome
"Armed and Ready" Was diving the UASAT Liberty in Tulamben and found this Nudi (20mm) in the Hold. It has some similarities to Flabellinas however on closer inspection has a long filament foot ending with anenome type structures on the Cerata. ??
HELLO THERE ...... anemone fish Bali Full frame Olympus 7070
NASTY ..... Barracuda Bali Olympus 7070
"Greetings Earthling" Olympus C5050/InonD180 Strobe. Was diving at Alam Anda Tulamben and this inquisitive cuttle fish started to light up with a caliedescope of colours and waving its arms. Truly mesmerizing. Could watch them for ages.
I know ....NO MORE PYGMIES ..... had to put this one in. Tulamben Bali 2006 Olympus 7070
Ah...sunset by the sea. Taken at Bali, Indonesia.
OPEN WIDE Coral Cod with cleaner shrimp doing their best Olympus 7070 Bali Tulamben
Really quite frightening! Crocodile Snake eel
The Fear Factor! Taken In Tulamben! by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
The Fear Factor! Taken In Tulamben!
Zeno Crab - With some sort of little sea lice or bug. Tulamben Bali
Nemo ....... looking after baby nemo's ..... Anenome fish eggs under an anenome. Watched these guys for a little while and wondered why they kept returning too the same place on the anenome, upon closer inspection I realised they had eggs there.
This dude look very tomato'ish. Big fellow too. Taken in Tulamben, Bali
Cute Face Dendro' Crab Tulamben Bali
The Cheer Leader! Taken In Tulamben, Bali! by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
The Cheer Leader! Taken In Tulamben, Bali!
5287 Entries Found: Page 191  of  196

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