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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bali Sea

5225 Entries Found: Page 191  of  194
Komodo Dancer, Indonesia 2005, Nikkor 60mm.
Stargazer, Gili Banta, Indonesia, 2005. Nikkor 60mm.
Zebra Lionfish, Nusa Kode, Indonesia. Nikkor 60mm.
You can see the feather star through this Ornate Ghost Pipefish, if you zoom in.
Which way is up???
Ribbon ells must be tame in Tulamben ,I didn’t expect too be able to get this close to them in order to take their portrait.
Cuttlefish, Indonesia, 2005. Nikkor 60mm.
(sorry, not macro, natural light or wideangle but no catagory seemed to suit)!
Patience pays in the end, but this little guy used up a lot of mine as he was going in and out of his hiding place non-stop until clack I got it.
It took me a few shots too get the face of that flute mouth, as it would not stop moving away from me.
Just a little further to home, easy to say not so easy to do when your future meal is bigger than you.
Cuttlefish at Yellow wall,, Nusa Kode, Indonesia. 2005
Found this little one off Wakatobi, south Sulawesi. D70, Subal, 60mm macro.
Multi-Pustuled Mexichromis up close.
If this Scorpion fish let its beard grow any longer he would no longer be able to swim.
Sweetlips, Indonesia 2005
Juvenile batfish, off Sangeang, Indonesia. (2005)
Two harlequins shrimp sharing there favorite food. Notice the difference in size.
A shrimp rest on a vivd red corallimorph.
"Loaded Spring" Everytime I tried to take a photo of this little Hawkfish it would raise it fins then lower them in a split second and shoot of in a different direction. Olympus C5050, Inon D-180 Strobe
Harlequin shrimps are for me, so far the best photo model. They don't move and are very good looking.
Another Balinesse beauty. Her name is Ornate Elysia.
"Peas in a Pod" When I swam over the top of a hole one head popped up then a second. All lit up and the mesmerising sway, I thought they were going to get tangled at one stage. Olympus C5050, Inon D-180 Strobe.
Tulamben has some very good looking nudis like this painted hypselodoris
"Sponge Flare" When i first took this shot it I didn't think the Lion Fish blended in that well at a later viewing the red of the fish and pink sponge seemed to meld into one, so I decided to add some colour.
"Lumpy" This nudi was in the shallow's at Tulumben, a great contrast to the black volcanic sand.
A nice Harlequin Shrimp, near Tulamben, we where looking for a blue one from last year but we found this pink one instead!
"Tricky Path" Whilst diving around the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, noticed this shrimp negotiating its way through the anemone. It almost looked like it had a drunks swagger with 6 left legs.
5225 Entries Found: Page 191  of  194

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