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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bali Sea

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"Lumpy" This nudi was in the shallow's at Tulumben, a great contrast to the black volcanic sand.
A nice Harlequin Shrimp, near Tulamben, we where looking for a blue one from last year but we found this pink one instead!
"Tricky Path" Whilst diving around the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, noticed this shrimp negotiating its way through the anemone. It almost looked like it had a drunks swagger with 6 left legs.
Snapper at Tulamben Liberty wreck. This is a great place for all kinds of marine life.
As this ghost pipefish was hiding in a featherstar it made for a beautiful background. It took a while though to get this shot, it didn't want to let me get that near and kept moving away. Patience, patience, patience I'm starting to learn.
"Who Me!" Just set myself up to shoot this Scorpion Fish head on and it yawned just after i pressed the shutter, nothing happened !!in my eagerness I hadn't turned the strobe on. I waited for some time for a repeat with no success.
"White Scorpion" The Tube Sponge that the Scorpion Fish was lying on was white (Without Strobe) so it was difficult to spot. Taken with Olympus C5050, Inon D180 Strobe.
I had 2 Inon macro lenses as well as en epoque lens on my Camera housing to take this picture of the face of a harlequin shrimp. I had to get real close to focus and not much depth of field.
These spine cheek anemone fish never want to sit still for the picture, they just move and move and my camera wouldn't focus on them. So I just focused on the anemone instead and waited for the fish to swim in front of my camera.
Nudibranch tail, I love the colors of this picture. I was quite deep when I took the picture and was nearing deco time so I only got one shot, but I like the result.
As I got closer and closer to this cute little pufferfish I was amazed how tame it was. I'm used to fish swimming away as soon as I get close, but not this one. He really liked his picture being taken with my Olympus C-5050 camera and Inon strobe.
Taken at Seraya Secrets, Bali, Indonesia. Thus ends my Bali/Tulamben (Feb 06) photo series, do look out for my Sabah/Borneo (May 06) series starting next week
Colourfull hermit crab. olympus C-7070 with Inon strobe.
Ornate ghostpipefish. I was only 2 cm from its face to take this picture and it was hard to get a good focus since it just wouldn't hold still smile
Olympus C-5050 with Inon macro lenses and Inon strobe.
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Mantis Shrimp taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
"You looking at me?"
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Hmmm, I'm really curious about your camera....
C-7070 with Inon strobe.
With my camera I needed to get so very close to the subject to be able to take this shot I had to chase this ghostpipefish around a bit before I managed to take its picture.
Olympus C-5050 with an inon strobe.
These are great looking shrimp. Just a pity they're so small, it's hard to get a good shot.
Olumpus C-7070 camera with Inon strobe.
This cuttlefish was part of a group of females laying eggs in the coral at Padangbai, Bali, Indonesia.
I used an Olympus C-7070 camera with an Inon strobe.
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
"Maybe if I keep still, he won't see me...."
5255 Entries Found: Page 193  of  195

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