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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Red Sea

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Just another Clownfish!
Cannon A20+Epoque flash
Anemone Fish
View through the Bowsprit mounting hole on the wreck of the Carnatic. EOS350.
Crocodile Fish on the deck of Thisslgorm
This is the pier from before, except viewed from the Lighthouse. I thought it an interesting way to frame the shot =)
This is the pier jutting out over Daedalus Reef. The reef rises to within 10 feet of the surface and drops to several hundred feet below. Very inviting indeed =)
Swim with me
Gray morray eel
Oceanic White Tip swimming right at me
at Elphinstone Reef.
BSA bike inside Thisslegorm's belly
Scorpion fish,the brothers.
Anemonefish,Red Sea.
Thsi Oceanic White Tip split my friend and I apart while we were diving under the boat. Fortunately, we were both photographers and caught the "oh my God" look on each other's faces.
Which way is up?
Cannon eos350 standard lens.
Angel fish, red sea
Two picasso fish spotted whilst snorkelling off the hotel beach on the last day of a trip to Sharm el Sheikh.
My friend Yelena made a little too close of a pass by this anemone. The clownfish dutifully came out to investigate, and I couldn't help but try and blind him with my flash, so as to allow my dive buddy to make her escape.
Reef at Marsha Shagra
Oceanic White Tip at Elphinstone Reef -Marsha Shagra.
Just a swimming pool and natural sunlight with merdmaid smile
Sudan, Shaab Rumi, near Cousteu's Precontinent station. Depth about 9 m. Olumpus 5050, PT 015 box. The action was going about 2 sec, no time to get flush ready.
Dusk Diving
Anemone Fish, protecting the home
Ras mohamed 20 mm
Sabre Squirrelfish taken in Southern Red Sea September 2005. Taken with Sony DSC-T1 + YS-25 auto strobe.
Close up study of Giant Clam taken in Southern Red Sea September 2005 with Sony DSC-T1 + YS-25 auto strobe.
Napoleon wrasse
10921 Entries Found: Page 401  of  405

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