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Goby and eggs

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Lone Bass with wideangle in Local Quarry.
Commercial Diver burning
Male Sockeye Salmon taking a breath.
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2013

Final RoundThrough to 2013 awards final round judging
Quarry Vegetation 2, local quarry dive.
Quarry Vegetation 1, local quarry dive
Lone Bass, in local quarry.
Crappie with tree stump, in local quarry
A rare day of amazing visability and clarity in the emerald waters of British Columbia Canada
Bluegill Sunfish -a common freshwater species
Aquatic Vegetation in local quarry
During the massive 2014 salmon run in Adams River, British Columbia (Canada) with nearly 12 million sockeyes migrating up the Fraser and Adams River this mature salmon couple catches a 'breath' before they continue to their final spawning grounds.
Sockeye Salmons heading to their mating grounds at Adams River, Canada
View of a popular Quarry diving site near Lake Erie-Windmill Point Quarry.
Aquatic Plant, Niagara River Night Dive
Lake Ontario Sunset from Niagara on the Lake
View of Chantry Island, with Lighthouse, from Southhampton Beach, Lake Huron
Wolf Eel..My sea andn sea DGX-1 was crapping out.. Took a lot of photos but most of them look good only in black and white...Time to upgrade...
A Baby Long Fin Gunnel
This little guy is only 1.5 inches long and sat still for a close up just long enough to show off his true colours
Pacific Bay Pipefish
This one seemed interested in the reflection of my port and allowed me to get very close to it (2-3 inches).
On Guard
Male Ling Cod guarding a mass of eggs in the background. I couldn't get to close a he would run me off.
Small locomotive in Sherkston Quarry. About a century underwater and still on the tracks at this limestone quarry near Lake Erie.
Checking us out!
This curious Sea Lion played with us for 4-5 minutes before speeding off.
Diver swims over one of two locomotives at bottom of Sherkston Quarry near Lake Erie.
Portrait of a Warbonnet
This Decorated Warbonnet was just starting to come out and hunt on a dusk dive. He paused for a couple photos before successfully hunting and eating several prawns.
Colour Testure Dignity
Grunt Sculpin with extreme close up. I love all the colour and the many textures and contours.
All Eyes on Beauty!
A nest of Kelp Greenling eggs just about to hatch surrounding a Feather Duster worm
The Hunting Dragon
A Giant Nudibranch with a successful hunt on a tube dwelling anemone.
1068 Entries Found: Page 16  of  40

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