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Pseudoprotella phasma

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Coral Sea

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Lizard fish- front on- scary looking teeth. Great Barrier Reef. Macro lens
Mantis Shrimp,Great Barrier Reef Finally I find one game enough to pose for the camera. Macro lens single strobe
Leafy Scorpian Fish,Great Barrier Reef third time at this dive site and ive visited this fella each time, he is getting used to the camera. Macro lens single strobe
Shrimp GBR Australia
Leafy Scorpianfish shot on the GBR Aust
This guy was just flapping in the current. Macro single strobe
Zebra Pipefish taken on the GBR Aust.
c5060 Macro lens single strobe
Scorpian fish- Great Barrier Reef- Aust Macro Lens
Spangled Emperor showing his best side.put as wideangle not that not that my old cybershot had "wideangle". taken GBR couple yrs ago
Cleaner Shrimp- Great Barrier Reef Aust
I was snokeling in PNG and was able to capture this.
Giant clam (Tridacna gigas) amongst corals. Taken with Nikon D70 in Nexus housing with Inon Z-220S strobe for fill-light.
Nudi at lighthouse bommey GBR
Cuttlefish eyeball, GBR Australia
Nemo's cousin
Great Barrier Reef
Amazing wall of red Coral.
Great Barrier Reef
Another days diving. Afloat the Great Barrier Reef
Yongala Turtle
Another day at work. Diving The Great Barrier Reef.I Like the visual effect of the dive flag.
Anenome Fish from Davies Reef.
"in flight" taken on the wreck of the Yongala.
Cuttlefish, taken up close and personal, on a Sony DSC-W1, with no flash.
OK this is a senseless plug, take a look at the events forum for a last minute trip to the coral sea in Australia. I have a boat for a 9 day trip and have spaces opening up due to cancelations. Great Diving like in this photo I shot in the coral sea
Anemonefish attack
Face to face with a very mature Caretta Caretta Turtle; off Magnetic Island...
Lionfish are the coolest fish but they can literally get in the way when you're shooting something else. rthis guy followed our light looking for food. Olympus 3040 with Nikonos SB105 strobe
Giant Clam...
Spinecheek Anemonefish from Whitsundays Islands. Nikon 990 and URPro filter. (see if you can spot the spine on his cheek)
695 Entries Found: Page 24  of  26

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