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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Solomon Sea

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Unusual? For me it was. An orange longnose hawkfish.
Solomon Islands.
Anemone Crab, Solomon Islands
I don't know how well this will read at this size--Octopus portrait, Solomon Islands
Village boys hanging out in the Solomons
Batfish cruising
Nudibranch, Solomon Islands
'Symbiosis' Commensural shrimp on green bubble anemone (one's pregnant). Tufi, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Enjoy!
Spinecheek in Solomons
Whip coral goby
Mandarin Fish
Tornado of Jacks in the Solomons
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice sense of shape
Soft coral crab.
'Orange Study' Of the phylum Platyhelminthes flatworms differ from nudibranchs in that they are usually paper thin and have no external gills. Watever - I enjoyed the orange on orange. Tufi, Milne Bay Province, PNG. enjoy!
Tasseled Wobbegong under Samurai Jetty taken with Mju 700.
'Soft Coral Study' Nature's own uw Christmas tree! Loloata, Port Moresby, PNG. Enjoy!
'COMMENSURAL' Pregnant anemone shrimp. check out the obvious eggs in her abdomen. Solomon Sea, Tufi, Milne Bay Province, PNG. Enjoy!
'PORCELIN' Porcelin crab on bubble anemone. Solonmon Sea, Tufi, Milne Bay Province, PNG. Enjoy!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Sea of green Rick
'Long name, little guy' Blue-lined sabretooth blenny in a small calibre gun barrel of a sunken PT boat. Solomon Sea, Tufi, Milne Bay Province, PNG. Enjoy!
Sun Rays. Taken at the end of a safety stop in around 1.5m of water. I like the clouds on the left hand side
F6F Hellcat Fighter.
Little brute of a crab, night dive at Mary Island, on Bilikiki. Sony DCR-PC350
Giant Clam with my fin placed below it for perspective. Sea & Sea dx3100
Schooling Baracuda near Mary Island in the Solomons. Nikonos V 15mm no strobe.
Beautiful almost transluscent nidi
(I am not sure Species) Sony HC350 in
Lights & Motion Housing.
Found 5 of these guys all together on a plane wreck in around 12m . Camera used F90x with a single strobe.
Bow of Toa Maru 2 . D70 on manual settings
A very friendly Cuttlefish
Sea & Sea DX3100
281 Entries Found: Page 10  of  11

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