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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

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rosebud coral
'Underwater tree' from Crystal River (USA). Taken with Olympus E-20 in Titan housing with wide angle lense.
wreck the benwood key largo florida natural lite
Friendly visitor in my backyard. Two wild manatees showed up one morning in the canal in my backyard in Key Largo. Couldn't resist taking pics!
'Underwater tree and my daughter' from Crystal River (USA). Taken with Olympus E-20 in Titan housing with wide angle lense.
Mantas feeding, Kona Coast, Hawaii 4/27/06.
No strobe necessary! We had 12 mantas feeding on the surface and they wern't in the least concerned about a few divers taking photos, in fact they seemed to welcome the company.
Zebra Eel, Kane'ohe Bay, Hawaii
Staredown. This Whitespotted Toby took a sec to chekc me out during the egg feeding frenzy surrounding. 1/1000 sec, Single Strobe, Double Inon closeups.
Ochre star matching with urchins
Jellyfish Lake Palau
Shadows in the Sand. Saw this Green Sea Turtle when I was checkin my back for sharks. Just luck he was passing by.
Turtle wall- Palau
Indian Nudibranch out at Electric Beach on Oahu, You can see their insides! Double Inon Macros,1/500 Sec
"The Christ of the Deep Statue" Located in the Florida Keys/Pennekamp Park. This was taken with a MX10/35mm camera, no strobe or flash. The statue has been there so long that it is covered with various fans and fire coral. Photo was taken in 2002.
Check out ths huge Upside Down Jelly. Coconut Island, Nikonos-V, YS-90 strobe
The belly of the Great Green Sea Turtle. The "great" part I added...but it's true.
Last turtle one for a few days smile Hope you like 'em. But for all you that see turtles, please look and not touch! Please, Please....
My last turtle entry for a while, we saw about eight turtles but this was my favorite one. Nikonos-V
Super Turtle!!! Nikonus-V
Turtle Mania!!!!! It's nice to see an endangered species all about and living it up. Sit and wait game with this one but still couldn't get that sun right. Maybe next time....
Safety Stop-Peleliu Corner
Imagine taking this picture and hearing Humpback Whales in the background, an amazing day at Hanauma Bay. Nikonus-V
Makaha's Finest. Another Green Sea Turtle cleaning up. Inon Wideangle. Just selected him and basically did auto-color on him.
Blue Corner Palau- Nuff Said!
This Yellow Sea Horse never let me out of his sight
Feeding time.
A Stripe Marlin free swiming feeding on Japaneese Sardines
7255 Entries Found: Page 261  of  269

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