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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Diver exploring the wreck of a salvage barge, the Michigan, off Hope Island, Georgian Bay
The wreck ‘Marquette’ off Hope Island in Lower Georgian Bay,Ontario
Side-mount diver at the bow of the Rothesay located near Prescott. Canon 6D & 15mm lens. Slightly cropped and colour corrected from the RAW file in PS.
The City of Cleveland was a wooden steamer that sank during a snowstorm in 1901. I waited patiently on the seabed for this shot to come into focus as I had envisioned.
Sunset on a Nova Scotia beach. Canon 6d with 24-105 lens on manual settings. Slightly cropped and colour corrected.
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Grizzly having a lunch of mussels in the shell in tidal zone.
Grizzly having a lunch of mussels in the shell in tidal zone.
The wreck of the schooner Caroline Rose near Tobermory. Canon 6D & 15mm lens in an Ikelite housing. Colour corrected from the RAW file in PS.
The original hard hat divers. Dippers walk on stream bottoms using their wings as hydrofoils to keep themselves 'weighted down'. They are able to pick aquatic invertebrates from under rocks etc...
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Glaucous-winged gull against Saturna Island cliff face, Salish sea.
A skin diver swims down the port side of the wreck of the "Sweepstakes" near Tobermory. Canon 6D + 15mm lens on manual exposure. Cropped and colour corrected in PS.
Diver at the starboard anchor of the Arabia lost near Tobermory. Nikonos V, 15mm lens, Kodak 100ASA film and twin SB105 strobes.
‘Catch of the Day’ We often Encounter fishermen and fisher women at one of our local dive sites. Sad to see their catch in a basket while we enter for our dive
Conditions on the west side of Point Abino proved to be rough so couldn’t dive in a shallow wreck, but didn’t stop me from photographing this lovely Lighthouse.
This curious Bass greeted me as Inmade a descent. Good thing I had new camera system and lens in hand.
Smiling Divers getting ready for dive in local dive site.
Divers at the boiler on the wreck of the "Wetmore"near Tobermory. Canon 6D and 15mm lens in natural light. Colour corrected from the RAW file in PS.
This Southern stingray had just settled in the sand. I took a few close-up shots and signalled to my buddy to go, then remembered the rule "Get close. When you are close enough get closer." So I turned back for one last shot. This one.
The beauty of an anemone seen by me
Isopods are not insects but crustaceans. They are relatives of insects however, with their jointed legs and exoskeleton. Actually they are more closely related to shrimp, crayfish and crabs.
strike the pose
The Sea Clown Nudibranch (Triopha catalinae) is one of the most vividly colored nudibranch that can be found here in BC, Canada.
Tiny little devil (Skeleton Shrimp)
Thru my lens....should say... pipe ;-)
Hooded nudibanch a punk rocker of the nudi world!
Lips job required
1084 Entries Found: Page 2  of  41

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