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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

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"The Big and the Little"
A pair of Slender File Fish caught together.
"Back to Work"
After a small breath up on the surface this Hawksbill is ready to dive.
"Storm the Ship"
Horse-eyed Jacks crusiing past the Kittiwake.
"Turtle In The Sunlight"
A turtle glides over the reef under beautiful rays of light.
Spotts Beach, Grand Cayman
"First to the Scene"
The Silversides have been sporadic so far this year, but it never fails Tarpon are the first to know about it.
"Green Dragon"
A diver illuminates an eel with his torch.
"Ray Under Rays"
Since the Ray's are so used to snorkelers and divers, they have enough trust to make overhead passes like these, making for interesting angles and of course sun rays.
"Expectant Parents" - A pair of two claw shrimp, including one with eggs, in the bottom of a purple vase sponge. Two claw shrimp are a rare find on Grand Cayman; these are the only ones I've seen in over 300 dives on the island!
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2016

Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
As predators get close to the schools of Silversides they begin to get closer and closer to each other and the reef.
A large Hawksbill Turtle makes his plunge back into the blue.
Silversides! Photo 2 of 2
Silversides race across the north wall of Grand Cayman, completely hiding the colorful sponges and wall behind them. See Photo 1 to see the silversides and colorful reef seconds earlier!
"Lift Off"
A Hawksbill starts his accent to the surface.
"Round Em Up"
A factor to consider, photographers are not the only things out looking for these sudden blooms of Silversides.
It's amazing to see the school of baitfish move in unison as the paddle boarder moved closer to the fish above.
Silversides! Photo 1 of 2
Silversides huddle together along the north wall on Grand Cayman. Seconds later they raced in formation across the colorful sponges, completely covering them - See Photo 2 to see the silversides covering the sponges!
"Clear Skies with a chance of Tarpon"
Schools of Tarpon are a very common encounter in and around the swim throughs of Eden Rock.
"Hiding in the Colors"
A large group of Silversides packs together amongst some healthy and colorful sponge life.
"Face To Face"
Queen angelfish are normally quite skiddish, swimming off if a diver comes near. This one was eating a sponge and was more concerned with lunch than with me. I took this photograph when it momentarily looked up from the sponge.
Baby Flamingo tongue with his eyes on my shot with a Nikon d300 with a 105mm macro lens and a +15 diopter in a ikelite housing
"In the breeze"
"A Turtle In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion"
A hawksbill turtle races across a reef on the North Wall of Grand Cayman. I used a slow shutter speed and panning to track the turtle as it raced past.
'Suspended' - A diver descends to the wreck of the Kittiwake off the coast of Grand Cayman
Fata Morgana
"Sky Blue"
"Game On"
As the Silversides pack tightly around the outcroppings of this pinnacle the circling Bar Jacks above plan their next move.
Look for a few seconds and watch the fish appear! A slender filefish--and its eye--is framed by a seafan. I floated gently into place to frame the eye, and positioned my strobe in order to backlight the fish and seafan.
"Seahorse Sponge"
With all the action of of capturing the amazing movements of this group of Silversides I couldn't help but see this Orange Elephant Ear sponge closely resembling a Sea Horse.
3146 Entries Found: Page 15  of  117

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