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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands Antilles

2354 Entries Found: Page 85  of  88
Twinkle, Twinkle... - A blunt-spined brittle star makes tracks across an orange elephant-ear sponge.
This sea nettle packs a nasty sting if you aren't wacthing where you are going...
This lettuce sea slug was about the size of my thumb. A bit more colorful though...
French angel fish
big school of fish in Curacao
Banded tube-dwelling Anemone on a night dive in Blue bay, Curacao
Divemaster touching the outer dome of a moon jellyfish. They are completely safe on one end, sting on the other...
Frog fish on Curacao, playa kalki, nikon D100 light and motion housing
cardinal fish with a D100 and a light and motion housing
Frog fish in action with a nikon D100
French Connection, Take 2 - 105mm macro lens + friendly Angelfish = fun
This is a closeup of a nurse shark's eye. I loved the tiling of it's skin. I was about 6 inches and a prayer away when I shot this =)
For anyone curious, this hawksbill was denied permission to do a flyby...
Coral Frame - This shy queen angelfish insisted on using the light-colored coral of "Alice-in-Wonderland" Reef, Bonaire as a picture frame. I obliged.
French Connection - Armed with a 105mm macro lens and 50 ISO film, I made the best of the situation when this French Angelfish decided to join me on my dive.
Hawksbill Turtle cruising the reef, Bonaire.
Rock Beauty - Bonaire, N.A. 35mm angle
Squids, Something Special Reef, Bonaire
Couple of Lizards resting at dusk.
Something Special Reef, Bonaire.
This Great Barracuda was hanging under the boat when I very gracefully plunged in. He was more than happy to pose for several minutes...
Family Dive!
Girlfriend... Dad... Sponge...
Puffer ion Bon-Aire
: )
Watch your hands!
Scorpion Fish at dusk, Bonaire.
Box fish photographed in Bonaire August 2005. Olympus 770 in Olympus housing with Sunpack G Flash.
Depth was around 12 metres (40 ft). Good visibility and no currents mean that it's easy to be patient.
Anenome. Bonaire. Using Canon Powershot S40 in Macro mode. Fortunately anenomes don't move very fast.
Caribbean Landscape.
Living the Dream!
2354 Entries Found: Page 85  of  88

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