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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

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Blue Springs Boil in the center of this pool of water is the entrance to the cavern. Camera olympus c-5050
Dive Boat, Oahu, HI. All natural light.
Spotted eagly ray, Oahu, Hawaii. 80 foot depth, no strobe. Looks like a stealth fighter. D100, Light and Motion housing, 105mm lens.
Old Bahia Honda Bridge, Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys. canon s70
Corsair ~ 120' crashed 1947. Ran out of gas...oops!
Peaceful Day
Camera olympus c-5050
A site you will see on the way back from divers entrance at Blue Springs State Park, Orange City FL.
Spiny Lobster, La Jolla Cove, CA.
Octopus, Kona HI
Shelter in the coral. No filter.
Mahi Wreck, Oahu, HI.
Slate Pencil, Oahu, HI.
Swim through @ North Shore Oahu.
Green Anemone w/ Sea Urchin & Sponge. Orange County, CA.
Tech Diver, camera olympus c-5050, ikelite housing, ds-125 strobe, WA lens. Taken at Blue Springs State Park, Orange City FL.
Young Wolf Eel in the Puget Sound
In memory of…? A common site you’ll see around the Islands of Hawaii for those who have lost their life. Photographed two nights ago after sunset.
meghan and the frogfish
canon s70 w/ inon strobe
makena, maui
School of anchovies that was being chased by a school of barracudas. Quite the amazing sight. La Jolla Cove, CA.
Orange Tip Nudi at Seiku Jetty
Pretzel bend. olympus c-5050 camera ikelite housing, wide angle lens,Taken at crystal FL <
Green Sea Turtle - West Shore Oahu.
Wolf eel in Puget Sound, Washington.
East side of Hawaii... off the beaten path.
Proceed with caution…this good fellow has been around awhile.
My wife, Laura Poore, communing with the locals at Catalina Island, CA.
Milletseed Butterflyfish
Stinging Sensation. I took this picture at the Ripleys Aquarium in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.
7141 Entries Found: Page 263  of  265

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