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by Marivic Maramot

Elegant nudibranch, Olympus Pen Epl1

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

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scorpionfish on the pipe, right outside of kewalo basin, hawaii
Crown of thorns, macro.
Floating Manatee.Olympus C-5050,Ikelite Housing,WA Lens.
Yet another Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle up close.
Humpback whale breaching, Maui, Hawaii. Shot from the dive boat using a D100 with a 105mm lens in a Light and Motion housing. A heavy camera package topside, but I had to move quick to get this shot.
Outlet pipes @ Electric Beach. Pumps out a fierce stream of warm water. If you caught in the stream...good luck.
Blue dragon nudibranch. Back wall of Molokini crater, Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens.
Earlham College, Indiana.
Sea Urchin - Shaw's Cove, CA.
divers going up the line at the sea tiger, oahu, hawaii
Cave Diver. Camera olympus c-5050, Ikelite Housing, Ds-125 strobe,Wa lens.Taken at Blue Springs state Park,Orange City,FL.
Endemic Hawaiian sea urchin, Prionocidaris hawaiiensis. Nikon D100, 105mm lens.
Manatee Up Close.Camera olympus c-5050, Ikelite Housing,Wa lens. Taken At Crystal River FL.
Lucky shot...this a.m. West shore Oahu.
Moray Eel, near Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens.
Laguna Beach Sunset! As good as any tropical paradise!
Green Moray - Shaw's Cove, CA.
Zebra Eel with octopus just behind hiding in rock. Don't see these very often. Sony P100
Green anemone w/ cowries & urchin. Crystal Cove, CA.
A couple of Imperial Nuddies on southern coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Sony P100
(Manatee In Gin Clear Water) Camera olympus c-5050 Ikelite Housing,WA Lens. Taken At Crystal river FL.
Stout Moray, South Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens, Light and Motion housing.
spotted toby
Titan Scorpion, South Maui, Hawaii. Light and Motion housing, D100, 105mm lens. all but invisible when its mouth is shut.
Upside Down Manatee. Camera Olympus C-5050,ikelite Housing,WA Lens. Taken At Crystal River FL.
Potter's Angelfish. Nikon D100.105mm lens. Light & Motion housing with strobes. These fish are shy and I got lots of tails, backs, and other fish before getting a good shot.
Starfish - Catalina Island, CA.
7134 Entries Found: Page 261  of  265

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