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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Philippines

12015 Entries Found: Page 441  of  445
Frog fish and sponge, in natural light impossible to tell apart as they are the same colour
Climbing:Nikon D100, 105 macro, two strobo. Take in Moal Boal 2006
Snake eel
a pair of ornate ghost pipefish; taken in shallow water, natural light; after finding the subjects, it was point and shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and shoot
Clown Anemone Fish and an Invisible Shrimp. Taken in front of the Amanpulo Dive shop in Pamilacan Island Philippines.
The Last few pictures using my Canon A70 before it conked out on me. Setting was cloudy, vivid and macro and flash.
pygmy seahorse
batangas, philippines
canon a70
Black frogfish in Sabang.... not easy to get any definition on it but I can assure you the black blob in the middle is a frogger ....zoom in and have a look.. go on.. treat yourselves .. haha
short back and sides any one?
"3 Little Nudibranchs Sitting on a Rock"
Hypselodoris Bullocki at El Nido, The Philippines. Taken with Olympus C7070 and Ikelite Housing
Pamilacan Island. Beautiful resort. Seen Sharks, Baracuda... by Doy Tan
by: Doy Tan
Pamilacan Island. Beautiful resort. Seen Sharks, Baracudas, Lobsters, Turtles, Guitar Stingray all in one dive! Snorkling on the main beach you will have turtles, juvenile sharks and lobsters.
Pink Crab feeding on a coral. Photo taken during a night ... by Doy Tan
by: Doy Tan
Pink Crab feeding on a coral. Photo taken during a night dive in Outrigger house reef, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
Nudi Branch by Doy Tan
by: Doy Tan
Nudi Branch
Yellow Tubastria by Doy Tan
by: Doy Tan
Yellow Tubastria
The Dancer: Nikon D100, lens 60macro, two strobo . Philippine 2005
'ON the MOVE' Free swimming flatworm. Housed Nikon F; Niko Mar III housing; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Feather star shrimp
This picture as taken in the afternoon in Anilao Batangas
'LET'S GO DIVING!'A backwar roll entry a split second after hitting the water. Housed Nikon F; Niko Mar III housing; 24mm Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
NUDI! Hilutungan Fish Sanctuary Cordova Cebu....
Cushion-seastar. This could be a beautyful design for a cushion for the sofa.
Finding NEMO!
Subic Bay, Ocean Adventure
Ornate Ghost Pipefish of Bohol
Cuttlefish taken on a night dive at Puerto Gallera. Fuji S2 Pro, 60mm Macro lens and a Sea & Sea 120 Strobe.
The Mandarine: Philippine , Nikon D100, Macro lens 105, Two manual strobo
Water Dancers
12015 Entries Found: Page 441  of  445

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