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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bahamas

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Lobster coming out to say hello! Nikon D70 in Sea & Sea Housing with YS120 Strobe. F8 1/160 ISO 200
My dive buddy swims around the stern of the Sea Star II wreck off the coast of Grand Bahama.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice diagonal composition Michael
Reef Sharks around the "Chum-sicle", Walker's Cay, Bahamas (Nikon F4, 18mm/3.5, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Provia F)
A diver enjoying the clear waters of the Bahamas
Grouper in the Tunnel of Love (Nikon F4, 18mm/3.5, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Provia F)
A new diver doing what's important-his safety stop;-)
Teeth of the Great Barracuda (Nikon F4, 105mm Macro, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Velvia)
A new diver swims over coral in the Bahamas.
Theo's Wreck (Nikon F4, 18mm/3.5, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Provia F)
Wreck taken off the coast of Grand Bahama
Up Close. Caribbean Reef Shark image taken at Amberjack Reef in the Exumas.
Parrotfish in the "classic" cleaning posture. Image taken in February at Parrotfish Reef in the Exumas at a depth of 12 feet.
Reef Shark with boat overhead, Walker's Cay (Nikon F4, 18mm/3.5, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Provia 100)
These little guys were all over the reef taken with a Cannon 20D 100mm and dual DS125 strobes
Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach. D2x 15mm.
The amazing Spotted Dolphins of the Bahamas; probably a mother & daughter (Nikon F4, 18mm/3.5, Aquatica housing, no strobes, Provia 100)
Business end of a tiger shark at Tiger Beach.
Marauding Reef Sharks. Image taken in January,2006 while diving from the Aqua Cat in the Exumas.
Tiger Beach - the best night dive in the world and only 48 people have done it? Tiger shark with video light in backgound. Sea & Sea housed Nikon D50 with Subtronic strobe
Tiger shark with remoras, tiger beach.
Tiger shark in the blue. This one crept up behind me, and was on my shoulder as I turned around.
Lemon shark with tiger shark in the background, Tiger Beach. April 06. Nikon D50 in Sea & Sea housing
Proving how close you get to Tiger sharks at Tiger Beach. Nikon D50 with Sea & Sea housing and Subtronic strobe. April 2006, original unedited image.
Grand Bahama diving.
Smile! What a thrill! I was too excited to be frightened. This photo was taken in the Bahamas with a Caplio RR 30.
Great Hammerhead cruising above.
Tiger Shark on the prowl!
2509 Entries Found: Page 91  of  93

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