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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

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Butterfly fish seen at East end of Grand Cayman on August 12, 2006. Photo taken with a Canon PowerShot SD 550 and with a SeaLife Digital Strobe.
Angelfish eye. Grand Cayman, July 2006. D70, 105 macro.
Nice day at 50'!
This image was taken Aug 2006 at the East end of Grand Cayman. I use a CAnon PowerShot SD 550 with a Sealife Digital Flash.
Small friendly Turtle ignores buddy without camera and poses for close-up. If only everything was so cooperative!
Spotted Drum. The red coralline algae contrasts his its black markings.
This Black Grouper had pulled into a cleaning station, and the little cleaner fish were already at work. Nikon D70 with 60mm lens.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Open wide!
The Doc says I've nothing to worry about it's just a tree growing out of my head!
Trunkfish at night. Can see texture of skin, due to oblique angle of single strobe. Sea and Sea DX5000, Grand Cayman.
A well camouflaged spotted scorpionfish.
Lobster on night dive, Grand Cayman. Sea and Sea DX5000.
Filefish going with the flow.
Catching this tiny juvenile spotted drum is almost as difficult as trying to catch a samba dancer in the middle of the carnival...!
'RETRO' Still holding up since captured in 1975. good ol' Kodachrome 64. Note the horse collar BC and the Scubapro DC metre on her left ankle. Housed Nikon F; 24mm Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Roses are red. Damsels are Blue.
We found this caribbean reef octupus a bit before sunset. Flash, no strobe.
Nassau Grouper trying unsuccessfully to swallow a Blue Tang. The divemaster told me that eventually other predators would start nipping off pieces of the Tang. I doubt if either fish survived. Nikon N90s with 60mm lens.
Parrott on the reef
Don't be too curious....she's got an eye on you!
"All dressed up for a night out on the reef"! A beautiful smooth trunkfish poses next to a coral formation on a 50' dive off the East End off the Cayman Islands.
Goby, Grand Cayman, Nikon D70, 105 macro.
Pink dressed X'mas Tree Worm, caught on a beautifull day and very shallow in front of my house, West Bay, Grand Cayman.
Purple Spotted Sea Goddess on Little Cayman. One of the prettiest nudis in the Caribbean, this tiny critter was almost impossible to see in the viewfinder, but I got a few decent photos. Nikon D200 with 60mm lens.
Flamingo Tongue taken with a pentax near by Hepp's Pipeline, Grand Cayman, 2006.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a different angle, most go down on these guys but side works too. DYK they are a shell, our course you did
I assume these two critters are mating Nudibranchs. If anyone knows what type please let me know.
Angelfish, Grand Cayman, Sea and Sea DX5000.
3148 Entries Found: Page 112  of  117

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