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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3148 Entries Found: Page 116  of  117
The Majestic Sponge at the top of Ghost Mountain.
"Sun Rays" This picture was taken at StingRay Sand Bar Grand Cayman picture of two male Southern Sting Rays, Natural light 5ft of water,Camera used Nikonos V 20mm lens
A bristle worm engages the wall off Little Cayman
This is a composit picture of two of my favorite subjects, my wife and a royal grammar. Canon digital rebel
Linda Gray Angelfish, aka "Sue Ellen" on the hit TV show,"Dallas", posing for paparazi in her new role as a beautiful fish. Canon, digital rebel, macro 50mm lens.
"Drink Old Dutch the choice of discerning hammerheads!" Grand Cayman; Canon digital rebel
Upon returning from West Bay mini-wall dive, we came across this school of Atlantic Blue Tangs.
This Redlipped Blennie just has "cute" all over it.
Spotted Eel off of Cayman Brac.
Lettuce Sea Slug - Shot with a Sea&Sea 5000g with 2 YS-25a strobes.
Social Feather Dusters swaying in the shallow surge while doing my safety stop. Taken with a Sea&Sea 5000g w/ 2 x YS-25a.
Taken with a 5Mp and twin YS-25a strobes off of Cayman Brac. This lobster was surprisingly comfortable with my taking a photo.
Sting Ray City 3, Nikonus-V
The ife outside of sting ray city,Canon Elph Sport
This is a blenny that we caught in mid water off of Littel Cayman. I am still amazed at the detail of its fins. I used a Canon D10 in a Subal housing with natural light.
Sting Ray City 2. Canon Elph Sport.
Sunset on Little Cayman
The photographer and his object ! Shoot with Olympus 4040z with Oympus housing.
Sting Ray City
Bristle Worm, off of the West end of Cayman Brac.
I watched as this Queen Trigger was blowing holes in the sand for tidbits.
Hermit Crab off of Cayman Brac. This little guy was at the edge of a rock, allowing me to get a good "eye to eye" view of him.
Green Moray - waiting. Taken in Stingray City, Grand Cayman.
Now I know why my kids really like scuba diving!
Nikonos V, SB 105, kodachrome.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Don't drink and dive folks!
Spotted trunkfish taken at Bloody Bay Marine Park, Little Cayman. My 2nd day with Nikon D70, S&S:DXD70 housing, S&S:YS-120 strobes.
Free swimming Green Moray posing for the camera. Taken in Stingray City, Grand Cayman. Canon Powershot S40.
"Smile" - close up of stingray from the underside. Stingray City, Grand Cayman. Canon Powershot S40
3148 Entries Found: Page 116  of  117

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