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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Australia

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Unknown Nudibranch from Heron Island. If anyone knows what sort of Nudibranch this is, then please let me know.
Coral Trout Navy Pier Exmouth
Australian Giant Cuttlefish male in full colour display. Whyalla, South Australia
Navy Pier Yesterday photo says it all.
This school of Gold saddled goatfish were hunting a group of baitfish at Ningaloo reef in western Australia
Boxfish taken at Exmouth
This looks like it could be a man eating cod, but really just a bit of fun in photoshop.
batfish exmouth western australia
17-35mm wide angle lens ikelite strobes canon camera
Surfing, Warroora Station - West. Oz

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A lot of surfers read our pages so here's one for them!
Minke whale-Up close and personal. Taken near ribbon reef #10, The Great Barier Reef.
Nudi Busso Jetty Western Australia
Devilfish or Western Blue Devil. Photo taken in Esperance, Western Australia (sea = Great Australian Bight)using Coolpix 990, Ikelite housing and Pro II video lite. Maybe not the best fish portrait, but I just love the colours
Nudis in caught in the act. Quobba Coastline Western Australia
Christmas Tree worms Coral Bay Western Australia
Taken @ rapid bay Jetty South Australia
Bad viz due to big swell. At least hubby had a good surf! Warroora Station - Western Australia
Australian Seal , Seal Bay - Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
Australian Sea Lion pups mugging for the camera. Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island
Australian Seal , Seal Bay - Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
"Golden Eye" I was looking at some shrimp under a ledge when this ray popped its head out. It didn't seemed perturbed that I was so close and I think it scrubbed up for the occassion as the colours of blue and gold were intense.
"Nudi Ball" On one the first dives on the 1 Mile Jetty in Carnarvon after the water had settled, Nudis Everywhere!!. I counted twenty on this one small clump at the base of a pylon.
Close up Cod Quobba Coastline West Aust Olympus 7070
Batfish @ Navy Pier Exmouth Olympus 7070
Taken using an Olympus 7070, no strobe.
I dont know what sort of fish this is, it has some similar features to a dragonnet with its pert lips and extended eyes. This photo was taken at the 1 Mile Jetty in Carnarvon W.A, and the specimen was about 2cm long and very mobile. Only one in focus
(Taken in the Swan River, at night) using an Olympus 7070 plus Ikelite ds125 strobe.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A jelly in a river? Nice shot Jo
Secret hideaway , beautiful cave on the Western Australian coastline.
3132 Entries Found: Page 111  of  116

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