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Goby and eggs

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Fiji

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Soft coral. Merry Christmas to all!
Up close and personal with a Titan Triggerfish. Yikes!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I once saw a triggerfish bite off Mike Wong's Nikonos V advance lever with one chomp - be careful!
A tiny Magenta Dottyback looking very sad and dejected. Canon A70...............PS. I'm sure a vote would cheer him up, it also wouldn't do me any harm too. Doh!, reduced to begging, whatever next!
Pale Pink soft coral surrounede by croinoids. Nokonos V 28mm lense
Gorgeous spotted nudibranch with the colors of Fiji in the background smile This was taken with my Olympus 5050
Colourful Clam with eyes like little LEDS.
Canon A70
Anemone buddy, or dinner?
Soft coral garden, Mariahs Cove, Matangi Island, Fiji. Nikonos V 28mm lense
Lionfish head down and hunting. Canon A70
Landscape with several very large plate corals. Nikonos V 20mm lense
Frightened Clown Triggerfish trying to hide in a crevice. Canon A70
I tried to get a super macro shot but this is the closest my Canon A70 will focus. I bet Alex and Dr Bob would have got full screen shots of the rhinophores. I wonder how they do it?
These guys never seem to cooperate and line up for a photo. Canon A70
Scorpionfish with a turtle grass beard
A Tassled Scorpionfish trying to hide in the soft red coral. Canon A70, internal flash
Is it yawning or yelling?
Colourful scene from Taveuni, Fiji. Canon A70 with internal flash
Dwarf Hawkfish from Taveuni, Fiji. Canon A70 and internal flash
Nembrotha lineolata Nudibranch. I like this shot since bright green isn't a colour you expect to see on the reef.
blue hole. Was waiting for great hammerheads but instead this school of baracuda came in a formation flight. why do they stay out of the middle?
I liked the colours, it resembles a painters pallette. Canon A70
Manta Ray with Remoras ~ captured at an odd angle with the mandibles twisted....Fiji Olympus 5050
Nikon d70 ds125 strobe-ship wreck fiji.
A couple of Dusky Anemonefish from Taveuni, Fiji. Canon A70 and internal flash
Soft coral highlighting a deep wall.
Near Matangi Island, Fiji. Enjoy
Nikonos V 20mm lense
I spotted this Maori Wrasse, head down, being cleaned. Though by the time I got in position all the cleaners had left. I also didn't have a wide enough lens, but that's one of the problems with compacts. Canon A70 and UR Pro filter
Slightly abstract shot of a starfish on a soft coral.
596 Entries Found: Page 20  of  23

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