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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Fiji

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Soft coral highlighting a deep wall.
Near Matangi Island, Fiji. Enjoy
Nikonos V 20mm lense
I spotted this Maori Wrasse, head down, being cleaned. Though by the time I got in position all the cleaners had left. I also didn't have a wide enough lens, but that's one of the problems with compacts. Canon A70 and UR Pro filter
Slightly abstract shot of a starfish on a soft coral.
Blue Ribbon Eel looks almost alien like in this wide open mouth shot. Canon A70 with internal flash and diffuser
Peek-a-boo. My daughter at 14 peeking through a red sea fan. Matangi Island Fiji. Nikonos V 28mm lense
Feather Star making interesting pattern and colour variation. Canon A70
Loch's Chromodoris from Taveuni, Fiji. We saw quite a few of these in the Somo Somo Straits and refered to them as "Toothpaste" Nudibranch. Everyone knew what you meant. Canon A70 with internal flash
Huge Cabbage coral with my husband posing over the top to give you some idea of the size. Not far from Robert Reef Matangi Island Fiji.
Nikonos V 20mm lense
Normally Stargazers hide in the sand and only by luck did we disturb this one. Having witnessed how it completely buries itself in the sand, It's probably the first and last I will ever see!!. Whitemargin Stargazer from Taveuni. Canon A70
Angry Nemo - Canon 350D/20mm/Ike DS-125 X 2/HID Light Cannon 100. Taken in Fiji last week.
Anemonefish from Taveuni, Fiji. Canon A70 with internal flash and diffuser.
Fiji nikon d70 single d125 strobe
Striling soft coral, Mariah's Cove
near Matangi Island Fiji.
Nikonos V 28mm lense. enjoy
beautiful fiji
Mantle of Clam. Near Matangi Island, Fiji. NikonosV 28mm lense with 1:5 close up adaptop
We were invited to the Tavuene Village school Christmas play while staying at Matangi Island. We have know many of the villagers over many years. I think this is my favorite photo. This young lady was the Angel in the Christmas play.
Off Nagini Island, Fiji
Island Class. These students, on the island of Gau, were not allowed inside the classroom during our visit, but they couldn't resist a peak inside.
'ZEBRA FIREFISH' Known by a variety of names throughout the Tropic, I particularly think this one fits this image of this fish. Taveuni, Fiji. Housed Nikon F; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Seabae Clown Fish - Matangi Island Fiji. He was very aggressive even pecked on the camera lense several times. Nikonos V with 28 mm lense with 1:5 slip on close up lense.
Tdhats A-Moray. Purple Wall, Matangi Island, Fiji. Nikonos V 28mm lense.
Grouper appearing to be on a nest
Nokonos V 28mm lense
Banner Fish among Fijian Soft Coral.
Taken at Matangi Island Fiji
Nikonos v 28mm lense.
ahhh Fiji....
ribbon eel
599 Entries Found: Page 21  of  23

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