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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Saint Lucia

242 Entries Found: Page 9  of  9
BLACKBAR SOLDIERFISH (Myripristis Jacobus)
Bight red to , on rare occasions, pale red. Red dorsal fin has white marks at tips and a few along base. White borders on leading edge of ventral, anal, rare dorsal and tail fins.
HAWKSBILL TURTLE (Eretmochelys Imbriocota)
This species is distinguish by its pointea head, hawk-like beak, and overlapping bony plates on the back.
Caught a spotted moray eel with mouth wide open on Lesleen "M" Wreck
Four-eye Butterfly fish
octopus. Sea & sea dx300, YS25 Auto strobe
Christmas tree worms. Sea & Sea dx300, ys25 auto
Scorpian fish sat in tube coral, Macro, Sea & sea DX300, YS25 Auto Strobe. F2.9, Iso 125
tiny "stylaster roseus" with the polype out,found in a cave on canarie bay "saint lucia".(Snorkling shoot)
Crowds, Just looked to see the crowds.
Keeping an eye out
Divers and the Fans
So what's in here then mmm!
Wrecks and Colour
Foraging in the Sand
I just love the scopion fish, making hiding an art form
Mr T. This was the biggest Turtle I have ever seen must have been 1.5m long
Mermaids, three stages of learning from the advanced onthe left to the first time diver after her PADI pass then the relaxed instructer with many hundreds of dives under her very small wieght belt.
The Space Within
Wreck Lesleen is off Tai Kaye Village St Lucia. Quite new and in pristine condition.
My friend diving over a reef in St. Lucia. A still lifted off footage filmed on a PD150.
Sea Lettuce, taken with a Canon 20D and 100mm macro
Pederson Shrimp poses for the Camera
Melissa glides over head along a wall as the Caribbean Explorer 1 looms above her
close up of a nice Green Moray
Rock hind taken on the Lesleen "M" Wreck in St. Lucia with Canon IXUS 70.
242 Entries Found: Page 9  of  9

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